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Is a Shih Tzu the Right Dog For You?

Shih Tzus come in almost every color. All Shih Tzus are small dogs making them perfect as a house pet. AKC standards require that the dog is 8-11 inches at the withers and weighing 9 - 16 pounds. However, some Shih Tzus are much smaller than that.

4 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Dog From A Breeder

Finding that perfect puppy or dog for your family can be a lot of fun and with a little knowledge you can make the experience a good one with a happy ending for everyone involved. This article is intended to give you some things to think about when you go out on the dog finding quest.

Dog Training - Best Tips For Training Your Dog

Dogs are the best friends of human beings for many ages. They are considered the best companions since time immemorial. The owners of dogs feel proud to own such a wonderful creature as their friend. They also wish to train their dogs in best possible manner. The ability and agility of the dogs make

Dalmatian Dog Breed

Of all the dogs, the Dalmatian is easily spotted by its characteristic black spotted features. How these black spots evolved remains a puzzle. The Dalmatian is a European breed, first discovered in Western Yugoslavia. In the USA the Dalmatian was first introduced about 120 years ago and still remain

How to Treat Side Effects of Canine Bladder Stones Naturally

The side effects of canine bladder stones can be painful and even life threatening, but they can also be easily avoided with the right course of treatment. In most cases, this means a combination of a healthy diet, exercise and safe, gentle, natural products to ease symptoms and improve overall heal

How to Manage Tear Stains in Dogs

Many dogs exhibit tear staining due to various causes. Let's look at the possible causes of tear stains, a few suggestions to determine the actual origin and ideas to clean up that cute puppy face.

Dog Training Collar Basics

Dog training collars can be really helpful for many dog owners. There are various different styles to choose from and they are all there to help you to control your dog.

Residential Dog Training

When you are training your dog there are four important things to keep in mind. They are the command, marker, reward and release.

Benefits of Liver For Dogs

When it comes to our pets, proper feeding is critical for their health. In turn, improper feeding leads to various diseases, such as ones of the digestive system, and related metabolic disorders, intoxication, etc. Often these diseases develop very slowly (sometimes for years), due to compensatory m

How to Change the Information on a Canine Microchip

For the safety of your dog, and for your peace of mind in the event he is stolen or missing, a microchip should be implanted under the skin on the back of your dog's neck. Each microchip contains vital information about your dog, such as a telephone number to reach you and where his permanent home i

The Sure Fire Way to Train Any Pet!

There is so many ways that our pets are wonderful. Anyone fortunate enough to own a pet has love for it. You can train your pet without hurting the relationship in any way. Pets are usually more loyal than anyone we have ever or ever will meet.

Why Do Dogs Shed Their Fur?

According to Dog Breed Information, shedding is the natural loss of hair in dogs that allows the new hair to come in. Shedding can be a factor in how a person with sensitivities to animal dander reacts to the dog, and learning more about shedding and why it happens can help you decide what dog breed

Find Out What The Right Dog Food Is For Your Dog

Have you seen the amount of dog food choice there is nowadays? How do we know which is the best food (its not necessarily the cheapest) when we do our shopping at the pet shop, supermarket or with our vet?

Dog Food Storage Containers

As you may have noticed, there are many ways to make your life easier, and a little more convenient. You simply have to know how to get started with this. Take your home for instance.

Training For Dogs: 2 Easy Basic Tricks

Once you are done with house training your dogs maybe it is time for you to move to next level of training. You may now do basic tricks training for dogs. But prior to moving to this level, it is important to examine your dog first if they are fit, whether physically or health wise to do the tricks

The Best Ways to Potty Train a Dachshund

Dachshunds are considered one of the most difficult dog breeds to housebreak, according to Dachshund World. Crate training is the best method for potty training this breed, combined with regulating the dog's feeding schedule and constant monitoring of its behavior. Patience and consistency are keys

Just What is Holistic Dog Food?

When dog food manufacturers label their products as organic, or natural, most buyers are pretty clear about what they're supposed to be getting. However, food that's labeled as holistic is a little less obvious.

For First Time Dog Trainers

Most dog owners would prefer to personally conduct pet training rather than enrolling them in training schools. Dog training is an exciting and fulfilling experience that can help both dogs and their owners. Although it may be difficult and stressful at the beginning, specially for first time dog tr

Is Fruit Healthy for Dogs?

You're probably trying to add more fruit to your diet. The vitamins, the know it's important. But what about your dog, can it benefit, too? In most cases, yes. Adding fruit to your dog's diet has the same benefits for it as it does for you. But there are exceptions; some fruits are toxic