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How to Receive a Blessing From God

Well, just waking up above ground would be a start. There are many that do not have that pleasure this very fine day. God is so perfect and in God's eye you are perfect as well. He knows that he never made anything that was not perfect in all shapes, and sounds. He blesses you daily.

Why Am I Not Attracting The Money I Want And Need?

As soon as the law of attraction is mentioned the first thing most people think about is money. Whether you are a believer or not. That is human nature. We all need it to live. I do know a single person who does not want more of it, even millionaires. But the big question is how do we attract more?

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

That we must live with imperfections is a fact of life that cannot be denied. We must come to terms with the silent and perennial truth that the field of human life will always consist of the good, the bad and the ugly coexisting together.

Own It! - the simple rule of success

If there's one characteristic that differentiates these high performers from the rest of the world, it's their ability, willingness, and courage to turn their gaze inward and look to

Does This Serve Any Purpose? An Interesting Exercise

Here is an interesting exercise to try for a week. With every action you take, ask yourself, "Does this serve any purpose?" Whether you're reading, working, eating, resting exercising, whatever the activity, ask yourself the question. Be honest with your answers. This exercise can hel

What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

When you analyze your life and surroundings and you feel your life is out of control, you are going to feel overwhelmed. When you begin listing things that you would like to change in your life you'll probably be able to tick off a lot of things that you would like to change about yourself, you

Habit = Addiction?

This article talks about the siamese twins called Habit and Addiction, their similarity and how one should tackle them...

Start Setting Some Goals

We always wish that everything we want would be on our ways. We want our fast foods, skip commercial skip buttons and fast cures. We wish for a fats moving life without thinking of the consequences.

When We Are Tired

There are some days when we are tired for whatever reason. Days come where we feel like we are drained both emotionally and physically. Nights come where we are so tired that we can't fall asleep.

Clutter And Stress Are Entwined

Have you ever noticed how it is the little things that can send you over the deep end? Clutter seems a little thing - but it is the straw that breaks the camels back. You know what I am talking about, you have a very tight schedule, you are extremely busy, and then BAM - it never rains, it pours!

Forgiveness - A Most Powerful Prayer

It is said that when the ancient Greek gods wanted to ruin an enemy, they'd make him angry and use his own anger against him, as the cause of his demise. Isn't it true how destructive our anger can be even to this day? Imagine then how an ancient & simple truth, written in the book of Matt

Overcoming Self - Limiting Beliefs

In order to be happy, be true to yourself, and let go of the lies you believed about yourself yesterday. They may cost you your happiness tomorrow. Start singing a new song today, to build a better tomorrow. Today is the result of tomorrow you built yesterday. Self-limiting beliefs sabotage our prog

Useful Tips For Feng Shui Beginners

If you are at odds on where to begin to add feng shui in your home, there are options to help you decide how to begin. Are you skeptical about the advertisements you have seen for readings to help you set up your personal atmosphere? Do you wonder if they are truly able to do this?