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How to Change the Tires on Pop-Up Trailers

Pop-up trailers are popular recreational vehicles, as they're like little mobile tents that can be moved wherever you like for camping in the woods or by the river. If you get a flat tire on your trailer, or need to change the tire for any other reason, then you need to take care of it, otherwise yo

Fixing Car Dents

Depending on the size and depth of the dent you want to remove, there are two different ways that you may want to approach making your car look better again. The simplest method of dent repair, and one which works surprisingly well for many dents, involves the use a common hair dryer and a spray can

How to Test a Crank Shaft Sensor

A vehicle's on-board computer uses a crankshaft sensor to find top-dead center on the number one cylinder. Use this to fire the spark plug and adjust its timing. To check the crank sensor with the engine off, set the Volt-Ohm meter to AC to read the ohms. To check the crank sensor with the engine ru

How to Check Engine Coolant

Engine coolant is a mixture of water and antifreeze inside the radiator. It may cause serious damage to the engine block, water pump, thermostat and radiator if left unchecked or unchanged for a long period of time. The coolant’s working capacity degrades over time and increases acid content.

What Causes Oil Prices to Change?

Oil is one of the world's most popular commodities. Oil is converted into gasoline which powers our vehicles and airplanes; oil is also a primary component in the manufacture of plastics. The price of oil is strictly controlled by those nations which produce it in order to maximize their...

How to Install Rod Bearings

Replacing the connecting rod bearings is a routine part of an engine rebuild. The bearings provide the surfaces on which the crankshaft and the piston's wrist pin ride and are a crucial aspect of a properly running motor. It is a relatively straightforward procedure to replace the bearings on a set

How to Paint Rim Inserts

Painting a car's rim inserts is done in much the same manner as repainting the rims themselves. The inserts are often easier, however, because unlike the rims, the inserts can be easily removed for the painting process. There are a variety of aerosol can paints made for car rims, and they can come i

Differences in the AGM & Gel Batteries

Lead-acid batteries are fitted in practically every vehicle, but the type of chemical-basis used in the cells has advanced considerably. A typical lead-acid battery is known as a "flooded-cell battery," because it contains fluid. However absorbed glass mat (AGM) and gel lead-acid batteries are a saf

Symptoms of a Bad Ignition Switch in a Ford

The ignition switch in Ford vehicles is responsible for handling the electrical signals related to starting the vehicle. A failing ignition switch can cause system-wide problems ranging from the ability of the car to start, to maintaining speed and even keeping the radio turned on. Careful car owner

How to Adjust a Harley CV Carburetor

Harley-Davidson Motor Co. used the constant velocity (CV) carburetor in the 1988 Sportsters, 1990 Big Twins (EVO and TC88) until 2006. Since then, all Harley-Davidson motorcycles make use of fuel injection. The CV carburetor may show signs of needing to be tuned. These signs include a drastic decrea