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Endoscopic Browlift

As we age, the skin and soft tissues of our brows and forehead tend to drop, sometimes giving a tired, droopy look to the upper third of the face. Occasionally, low-set brows may impart an "angry" appearance to the upper face in younger patients. A brow lift, or forehead lift, can be perfo

How Women Battle Goliath

There is just no holding some women back from what they need to do. When they get their mind made up to tackle a problem, change a situation or make a difference in someone else's life, there's no stopping them. Like my friend, Cathy, who has decided to run for political office for the fir

Yoga For Menopause - Tips For Women at Midlife and Beyond

For women at midlife and beyond, yoga offers a primary form of menopause medicine that can help them adjust to hormonal changes and cope with a wide range of symptoms - including hot flashes, night sweats, heavy bleeding, mood swings and fatigue - without negative side effects. Over the years, my cl

The Hourglass Body Type: Style Tips

Show off your best assets to give you a boost in confidence. Follow these style tips for the hourglass body type and you will soon become a fashionista in your own right.

Cure a Yeast Infection - Banish Yeast Infection For Good!

Did you try every cream on the market but you are still looking to cure a yeast infection? Maybe your candidiasis is having a deeper root problem and you need to address it appropriately. For some people OTC drugs simply don't work to clear their candida.

A Discount Authentic Gucci Handbag Is An Italian Classic

When you want a chic bag that has the look and feel of real Italian designer style, there's nothing like a Gucci handbag. Gucci is recognized around the world as the epitome of designer fashion. Perhaps you've heard of the famous "Jackie O" bag, well, of course it was made by Guc

Breast Enhancement - Can You Afford It?

For many women, not only can they not afford to splurge on that much desired breast enhancement surgery, but many of these women also may not truly feel safe health wise when considering most any form of invasive breast enhancement surgeries that the advanced medical world has to offer. Another prob

Having Liposuction Done? Here's What You Should Know First

Many of us who make new year's resolutions place diet and exercise at the tops of our lists. It's natural to want to look younger and slimmer, particularly after back to back holidays that focus on large family meals. Yet, for all the exercise and dieting we do, there are times it isn&apos

Reduce Your Menopausal Symptoms

All women suffer from menopause, at some point in their lives. This is due to an imbalance in the body tries to adapt to sudden hormonal changes. There are plenty of mental and physical side effects.

Tips to Getting Pregnant - Are You Ready to Give Up?

Motherhood is one of life's special times and you need to try all the tips to getting pregnant you can find. You know you have what is required be a loving and caring mother if only you could conceive. Try these and increase your odds!

Mirena Side Effects

There are many methods for birth control. One of the most common methods is via Mirena. It is generally an Intra-Uterine System (IUS). IUS is generally a long device which is usually hormonal contraceptive. It functions when placed inside the uterus. Mirena is used to control pregnancy in such a way

Realistic Expectations in Scar Revision in Plastic Surgery

The improvement in the appearance of established scars may be possible by surgical revision. Multiple scar revision techniques are available including excision and rearrangement, laser therapies, and mechanical sanding. Scar revision requires patience and a commitment of time to see the final result

Keeping Up With the Many Types of Yeast Infections and Their Cures

Candidiasis is another term for yeast infection. There are several types of yeast infections that attack people of all ages and genders. The most common types of yeast infections are those that are found in women. However, children between the ages of three and nine are an age group that has also be

Vaginosis Natural Cures - How To Eliminate BV

If you are a recurrent BV sufferer, you may be considering trying bacterial vaginosis natural cures as an alternative to expensive and often ineffective antibiotics. Many women become extremely upset to find that they just cannot shake off the unpleasant symptoms, which include a foul, fishy odor an

Bacterial Vaginosis - Prevent it From Recurring

A study shows that the symptoms of BV are a thin gray discharge together with itching and burning and a strong unpleasant terrible odor. It is always to treat this condition as early as possible to avoid making the condition worse.

How to Prepare Your Daughter for Menarche (Menses)

The physical changes that accompany adolescence in girls are mind boggling. The most significant development will be the beginning of her menstrual cycle. It's your responsibility as a little girl's Mom, to prepare her for menarche(her first period). It is suggested that this talk should occur befo