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Take One Giant Step in Your NASA Costume

"That's one small step for man, but one giant leap for mankind". Many of us remember the thrill watching Neil Armstrong as he carefully stepped down on the surface of the moon in his NASA costume. Kids are reliving the excitement of this event and being an astronaut every Halloween

How to Make an Owl Costume

An owl costume is an easy costume to make, requiring just ah few supplies and a couple of hours. The costume may be made in any size, from infant to adult. The owl costume begins as a purchased brown hooded sweatshirt and a pair of brown sweatpants. Best of all, there is no sewing required.

Fairy Halloween Costumes

Tinkerbell is probably the most famous fairy of all time. Disney's energetic little pixie makes a great Halloween costume-as do her countless fairy friends. The great thing about being a fairy is that you can choose what type of fairy you want to be: cute, sexy, funny, feminine, pretty? The cho

How to a Make a Chopper Pinata

For a kid who loves motorcycles, an American Chopper-themed party could be a blast. Toss in a Chopper-shaped pinata, and the party is a classic. Pinatas are relatively simply to make on your own, but to make them convincingly bike-shaped can take a few tries.

Homemade Birthday Party Hat Ideas

Make cute, homemade birthday hats.Ron Levine/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesIt's a fun tradition at many children's birthday parties for all the children to wear party hats. Rather than buying generic party hats at a local party store, let the kids make their own at the party. Have them...

How to Attire in Victorian Clothing

The Victorian era encompassed the years between 1837 and 1901, when Queen Victoria ruled the British Empire. Fashion saw many changes during this period due to the introduction of the lock-stitch sewing machine as well as machine-made lace. Those wanting to attire in Victorian clothing today general

Place Cards Ideas for Christmas

Hosting a Christmas party can be a lot of fun, but a good amount of work usually comes beforehand. Make your planning a little easier this year by making simple but beautiful place card holders. These do not take a lot of time and will look stunning on your table. The place card holders not only mak

A Hot Gift for the Hostess

With July 4th just around the corner most of us have made our plans and arrangements, and for a good deal of us those plans involve going to a party hosted by a family member or friend. But what are y

How do I Find the Best Batteries for Christmas Lights?

Long lasting batteries are at the top of the wish list for keeping Christmas lights shining brightly throughout the season. Finding long lasting batteries has proven traditionally difficult, but not impossible. LED string lights are known to sustain a longer life on battery power, however traditiona

How to Color Clear Christmas Mini Light Bulbs

Christmas decorations are colorful, twinkling and festive. One of the most widely-seen holiday decorations are miniature LED lights, which you can string on trees and bushes, homes and Christmas trees. These lights are available in multicolored, one color or white. Multicolored lights are usually pr

Kid-Proof Decorating

Many parents worry about putting favorite decorative items out when their children are young, but having kids in your home doesn't mean that you can't decorate with style. There are a number of convenient ways to maintain your style while remaining realistic about the habits of kids and preserving

Birthday Scrapbooking Ideas

Create a meaningful birthday gift for a friend or family member to show your love and appreciation. A birthday scrapbook can celebrate the past, pay tribute to the guest of honor and provide a safe spot to preserve mementos. Ensure you use photo-safe, acid-free materials to design the scrapbook so t

Twelve Days of Christmas: A Reason for Giving

The festival referring to the twelve days of Christmas did not originally precede the Christmas holiday celebration.Instead, the celebration seems to have its roots founded in an traditional festival of the ancient Babylonian people called Zagmuk where there was a serious of gift offerings and excha

How to Dress for a Birthday Party

Deciding on what to wear to a birthday party for a friend or loved one is not as hard it might seem. Look at the invitation and see if a dress code is mentioned. If it's not, call the party host and inquire how casual or formal the affair will be. Select an outfit based on the theme of the party, su

Thanksgiving Costume Ideas

Dressing up in costumes for Thanksgiving is not traditional for many people. However, costumes can make any holiday more fun for children. Schools and community centers sometimes put on plays for Thanksgiving, which can also require a costume. Whatever the reason you are dressing up, there are plent

Living and Working Together As Couple

In the past 20 years an extraordinary, German couple organized a hundred art exhibitions as artists and took care of more than 100 animals and 20 houses in different mostly very remote locations acros

Tips on Buying a Beautiful Christmas Wreath

Are you looking for a beautiful Christmas wreath to add to your Holiday decor? Here are some great tips on what to look for when buying a wreath including the pros and cons of buying a real Christmas versus an artificial Christmas wreath.

Ideas for a Christmas Gift for a Nursing Home

Those in nursing homes can get a lot of use out of your generous Christmas in wheelchair image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.comSome residents at nursing homes may not have loved ones visiting, even around Christmas. This means that they have to rely on the kindness of the workers...

How to Make an Outline of a Photo in GIMP

The free graphics editing software GIMP has several automatic filters that you can use to instantly change an image into an outline of itself. This can allow you to alter an image for artistic effect or detect the edges of an image for the purpose of cutting an adding it to a collage. Access these o