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Are We Off On The Wrong Track?

What attracted you to photography? Was it taking "staged" pictures of commercial models? Or was it taking real-life pictures of the world around you? If it's the latter, then examine the direction you're going with your photography.

Digital Submissions - The Right Way

Breaking away from film and entering the world of digital isnt easy. But for you, the entry-level person, and me, a former computer illiterate, its a challenge that can be successfully met. Once mastered, youll find new horizons that were not available to you in the past. Here are a few principles i

How to Fix a Stuck Lens Cover on a Canon Digital Camera

If you have a camera with an automatic lens cover, such as the kind found on many Canon digital compact cameras, then getting the lens cover stuck can be distressing. A lens cover can jam or become stuck if fine particles, like sand, find their way into the mechanism. The solution is to clean the m

Three Easy Ways to Avoid Blurry Photos

Since you're here, you must be finding some blurry photos among your masterpieces. I'll show you some simple tricks to get better results. Let's start!

How to Print Large Photos on Multiple Pages

Decorating with large posters has always been a popular activity amongst teenagers. Today a poster can be fully customized and printed at home using a standard computer and printer. This opens up decorating opportunities and allows for wide versatility in deciding what type of photograph or art will

Learn Digital Photography - Create Dramatic Photos With Diagonal Lines

Of all the lines used in photography diagonals are the most dynamic. You can use them to create a strong impression of movement or you can use them to create a tremendous sense of depth. All images are created with lines some vertical, horizontal and others converging, but, knowing how to place them

How to Take Pictures: The Histogram

The key with taking pictures is getting the proper exposure. The exposure is a product of the ISO, shutter speed and aperture. How can you tell if your exposure is perfect? You might say "Look at the back of the camera, and just look at the image. It looks great!" I hate to tell you this b

How to Use DIV Tags to Float Photos Online

The HTML "Align" attribute is deprecated, which means you should use the "Style" attribute instead, whenever possible. One way to use the style attribute is to use it along with the "Float" attribute in a DIV element. You can use the float attribute to float a DIV element to the right or left. You c

Easiest Ways to Capture Unique Moments From Your Holiday

Traveling outside the country for a holiday is generally a great opportunity to relax, release the stress and enjoy some memorable moments with your friends and loved ones. Whether you want to spend long lazy days just lying in the sun or visit some extraordinary places, you will definitely live mom

Ways By Which You Can Land Up With a Better Portrait Photograph

Portrait photographs that look stunning are something that we always look forward to. Whoever the photograph portrays, be it a family member, a model or a stranger, we still love to look at the picture. A portrait photograph that is captured perfectly can either be nostalgic and bring out some beaut

Nikon D5000 Fisheye Lens - Making Photography Your Career

The Nikon D5000 fisheye lens is one of the most sophisticated accessories in the art of photography these days. If you want to add spice in your craft opt for this type of lens. Nikon fisheye lens is superb and can contribute dramatic effects that will satisfy your desire to capture happy moments.

How to Take the Best Black & White Pictures

From the landscapes of Ansel Adams to the street photography of Dorothea Lange, black and white photography has been around since the beginning of the 19th century and spawned legions of artists. Black and white pictures are not only striking, but also harken back to earlier times. Taking black and

Wedding Photo Booth Hire in Manchester

Have you ever wonder why a lot of people hire a photo booth during their wedding day or any other occasion they are celebrating? Wedding is one of the most awaited events in life especially ...

Correcting Blurry Photos by Learning How to Hold a Camera Steady

A lot of new photographers have problems with blurry photos. In most cases this is caused by "camera shake" where the camera moves slightly when the photo is taken. This is even more common when the shutter is open for longer periods of time (like when taking pictures in low light situatio

The Art of a Bikini Model

This article contains information about the art of Bikini Model. You will find details about being a Bikini Model and the road you will travel to be the next Super Model.

How to Design Your Photographic Portfolio

A portfolio is a tool that free-lance and professional photographers use to show their work to potential clients. A well-designed portfolio demonstrates your skills primarily through your work. Putting together a portfolio isn't difficult, but does require thought, preparation and careful editing to

A New Way to Use Old Snapshots

If you're like me, you have hundreds of photographs sitting in envelopes. Pictures from birthday parties, weddings, family gatherings, anniversaries, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Y...