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How to Get Your Nursing Education Paid For

A solid nursing education is the steppingstone to a career in the nursing profession. Nurses work in hospitals, clinics, educational facilities and in private homes and institutions. Like other areas of higher education, costs to get a nursing education can be significant, necessitating ways to pay

What Do Revolving Trade Lines Mean on a Credit Bureau?

Revolving trade lines are credit products that creditors can use multiple times. These accounts include credit cards and equity lines. The accounts "revolve," meaning the balances fluctuate from month to month based on usage. The term "trade" simply means account. The balance you owe, relative to th

Can I Put an Inheritance in a Living Trust?

When setting up a living trust, you have two options: a revocable trust or an irrevocable trust. Revocable trusts can be modified, whereas irrevocable trusts cannot. The process for setting up and funding either type of trust with assets is the same. It's possible to put any valuable asset into a li

Credit Fraud Protection Ideas

Protect yourself from credit card and hand image by Warren Millar from Fotolia.comThieves want to use your credit card information to steal your money and rack up debts in your name. Protect yourself by researching the common scams thieves use to obtain your personal...

Before Hiring a Commercial Builder - Tips

If you are finding a builder for construction of church, keep in mind that a church builder must be able to handle the complexities of constructing a church or renovating a church., as it not ...

How to Identify & Reduce Internet Traffic

Managing your website can be a headache. Most hosting services allow you only a limited amount of bandwidth per month. If your site gets popular in a hurry, you have only a few options at your disposal. First, you can pay to increase your bandwidth in order to deal with more traffic. If you exceed y

How to Convert US Cash in Australia

If you are in Australia and only have dollars from the United States, you will need to exchange your currency. In Australia, the official currency is the Australia dollar, which is known as AUD. Whether you are an Australian resident returning from the United States or an American visiting Australia

How to Compare Family Cellular Plans

Long gone are the days when only grownups have cellular phones. Today, many parents provide their children with cell phones to keep them safe on their walk home from school or keep the family phone line free of long teenage conversations. Many cellular service providers offer plans designed to provi

Selling the Family Silver

Purchasing and securing precious metals is easy. It's like stepping out of the river where you can see the mainstream headed for the big waterfall. Figuring out when to jump back in the river and ...

Food Stamp Program Qualifications

Applicants who have below a certain amount of money on hand may qualify for emergency food stamps. Check your local health and human services office for information.veggie stand image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comAnyone with a Social Security number can apply for food stamps in the...

Can a Car Repo Be Reported to a Credit Agency?

An auto loan allows consumers to finance a vehicle over time instead of paying cash for it all at once. This loan must be repaid to the lender. If not, the loan agreement gives the lender the right to take possession of the vehicle once the terms of the agreement have been violated. This is called a

What Are Creative Ways to Make Money on eBay?

eBay is a popular online auction site that allows sellers to post nearly any type of item that they want to sell. While many auctions are fairly mundane, including digital cameras, laptop computers and baseball cards, some items placed on the site for sell are more creative than others. Creative i

How to Get Poor Credit Mortgages

Poor credit mortgages are for people who have low credit scores or other payment defaults in the past, but feel ready now to start anew and need poor credit mortgages to keep from waiting years and years to finance a home. There are certainly scams to watch out for. This eHow article will help you u

The Effect on Social Security Benefits If I Quit Work Before Retirement Age

Social Security bases retirement benefit calculations on 35 years of work history. You must have 10 years or 40 employment credits to qualify for Social Security retirement, but 10 years of work history will result in low monthly retirement payments. Social Security retirement calculations give full

A Debit Card That Works Like a Credit Card

Debit and credit cards look similar but function differently. A debit card draws money from a checking account in which the account holder has already deposited money. A credit card, by contrast, draws money from a credit line that the cardholder has with a finance company. However, there are some d

How to Request Financial Help From a Church

Many churches and ministries designate a portion of their funds for benevolence to distribute to community members needing food or financial help. Churches of all sizes participate, and a church's ability to give is not always in direct proportion to its size. If you or someone in your family needs

How to Open High Yield Interest Accounts

With banks competing for your business, you can find many high interest accounts. Sometimes it pays to sign up for a high yield savings account online, but local banks might surprise you with a high interest CD or bank account.

Roth IRA Limits When Married

Contributing to a Roth IRA can be one of the most effective ways to save for retirement, but this tax-advantaged plan is not open to everyone. The IRS restricts eligibility for Roth IRA accounts for taxpayers in the higher-income categories, so if you are a high earner, you should check those income