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Anxiety Phobias and Panic Attacks - How to Stop Them

People who experience anxiety phobias and panic attacks often exhibit symptoms such as chest pains, hyperventilation, the shakes, and terror. There are many simple things you can do to to lessen these symptoms... you may even be able to make them go away completely.

Breast Cancer Recovery - The Role of Prosthesis Fitters

Prosthesis fitters are professionals who are rarely mentioned or even acknowledged for the work that they do with persons who have lost a part or parts of their bodies. Their courage and dedication provide the human touch to rehabilitation and recovery for prostheses wearers. While there are numerou

How to Stop Bipolar Outbursts

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, bipolar disorder "is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks" "See Resources." The symptoms of bipolar disorder--including severe depression, manic tendencies, t

How Is Neurotherapy Executed?

Neurotherapy has become one of the most popular therapies in the field of electroencephalographic biofeedback. The reason is that, nowadays there are many people, who are suffering from mental illnesses. Neurotherapy has helped these people a lot in improving the symptoms of their mental disorders.

Valuable Tips For Helping People Suffering From Delusions

Delusions are health disorders characterized by fake beliefs, which are far away from the reality. The difficulty in this for both the person experiencing delusions and for the carer is that to the person having delusions believe that it is reality and very little will change their mind. Learning wh

How to Stop Drooling During Sleep

it is possible to stop drooling during sleep. The remedies for this condition can range from behavior modifications to the treatment of an underlying medical condition, such as an allergy or an abnormal sinus.

Who Took the 'Real' Out of Reality?

When I'm struggling to explain things related to the workings of the body and mind I sometimes find it helpful to take a trip back to early-man (not literally as I don't have Dr Who's TARDIS) as it gives me a sense of where we were and where we now are. In this article I want to look

Find Out If the Causes of ADHD Are Environmental Or Inherited

If a close relative such as your Uncle Henry has or had ADHD, or you as a parent experience ADHD symptoms, then your child is potentially at risk to also have ADHD. Research found that a third of fathers having had ADHD as young children also have offspring who have ADHD.

What Is Polysubstance Abuse?

Drug abuse and drug dependency can have devastating effects, even with the use of a single drug. The problem becomes compounded with polysubstance abuse. Treatment often involves legal and medical issues as well as treating the addiction itself. Setbacks and relapses are also common, which can be fr

How To Recognize These Common Stress Symptoms

There are many different symptoms of stress and sometimes they overlap with other types of symptoms. By looking at yourself honestly, or even seeking professional help, you can find out if your main problem is ...

Signs & Symptoms of Clogged Plumbing Vents

Modern waste water plumbing systems utilize vents in their design to allow air to enter into the drainage system. Modern drain vents are typically constructed of rigid plastic PVC or ABS pipe and protrude through a building's roof line. Regional plumbing codes dictate vent size and height. Occasiona

Who is the Reiki Master?

In our quest to understanding more about the Japanese ancient alternative healing, Reiki, we are bound to ask the question "who is the Reiki Master?" Knowing about the healing is not enough as there should also be a more profound knowledge of who is this master that you so securely entrust

What Is Exogenous Depression?

Exogenous depression (also called reactive or situational depression) arises from an external trauma or stressful event, such as a job loss or death of a loved one. It is contrasted with endogenous depression which arises without an external identifiable cause and is attributed to a chemical imbalan

Women and Divorce in Later Life

The divorce rate in the U.S. has leveled off with one exception—the rate is rising for those 60 and over. The Administration on Aging (1990, 2000)4 provided data on separation and divorce for those ov

4 Freedoms Integration Exercise - Out of Body

Each evening as you prepare to sleep, give your deeper consciousness instructions for going out of your body. Do this with your lover and agree to meet somewhere in your out-of-body state.

Approaches to Treatment of Chemical Dependency

Prescription drugs can make you chemically dependent also.Walker and Walker/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesChemical dependency is fast becoming one of the major social issues in the United States. There are three major approaches to chemical dependency: The Master Treatment Plan approach,...