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How to Care for a Flowering Dogwood Tree

Flowering dogwoods have long been cherished by homeowners for their graceful limbs and delicate, spring blossoms of pink or white. One variety, the Kousa dogwood, blooms well into June. Its pale green flowers eventually turn a luminous white, lending it a lovely glow on late spring evenings. Dogwood

How to Build a Terrarium in a Bottle

Save 2-liter soda bottles to make economical, simple terrariums that your children can use to grow plants. Set your terrariums on a sunny windowsill, and watch the seeds inside them grow bit by bit over the weeks. A terrarium acts much like a greenhouse, keeping moisture inside so that plants can de

How to Produce Fruits & Vegetables

Home gardeners know the joy of caring for a fruit and vegetable garden. Produce tastes better and costs less. Gardeners have control over chemical use as well. Fruits and vegetables require just a little time every week for a bountiful harvest. Growing them can be a relaxing, rewarding hobby.

Boxwood Leaf Blight

Boxwood is a shrub or small tree that is most commonly grown for decorative purposes. Like any other type of plants, boxwoods need to be protected from diseases, insects, invasive weeds and other threats that can threaten their health and longevity. Among the most common of possibly terminal disease

Exotic Citrus Trees

For residents of warm regions, growing your own citrus trees can be a rewarding endeavor. After achieving success with standard citrus trees such as oranges, grapefruits and lemons, a citrus enthusiast may wish to venture into the realm of more exotic fruits such as kumquats, pummelos and makrut lim

Mushroom Cultivation in an Outdoor Bed

One method of growing mushrooms is to cultivate them outdoors in the garden. You can create a mushroom bed alongside your other garden plants. The bed is simply a hole in the garden filled with wood chips and mushroom spawn. If you keep the area moist and shaded, the mushrooms will grow with no more

Different Kinds of Nutrients for Fertilizers

Urea is a common manufactured fertilizer.urea - harnstoff image by Cornelia Pithart from Fotolia.comThe proper use of fertilizer is an integral part of gardening and agriculture. All plants need water, sunlight and nutrients to grow and fertilizers provide nutrients when the soil does not...

Types of Apricot Trees

Apricots in the United States are grown primarily in California, Washington, Utah and Michigan. Apricots will also do well in Midwest or South if they are placed in well-drained soil. Because there are dozens of varieties, it will be easy to choose one that will grow well in your...

Diseases That Attack Petunias

Petunias are usually disease-free but may have some virus problems.Variety of petunias image by Sergey Kolesnikov from Fotolia.comPetunias are flowering annual plants used in flower beds, window boxes and hanging baskets. Ornamental petunias also are used in cut flower arrangements. Two...

How to Plant Hoya Cuttings

Hoya (Hoya carnosa) is appropriately nicknamed wax plant because of the plant's thick, waxy, dark green leaves. With proper care and adequate sunlight, hoya will quickly wrap itself around a trellis or hanging basket. When the hoya matures, it will produce clusters of colorful flowers in shades of w

Vegetables That Grow Best in Pots on My Deck

Some vegetables, like tomatoes, can be started by seed indoors in late winter.Milk & Honey Creative/Brand X Pictures/Getty ImagesGrowing vegetables in pots isn't just for apartment dwellers. Homeowners can take advantage of pots on a deck or in the yard when ground space is limited. Using...

About Mountain Fire Andromeda Plants

The Andromeda plant (Pieris japonica) is a distant relative of the rhododendron. It is hardy in zones 4b through 7a. The Andromeda plant in general is a good choice for the moist, acid soils of the Pacific Northwest. It makes a good background plant, especially when paired with dwarf evergreens, cre

How to Graft Weeping Pine Trees

Although pine trees (Pinus spp.) are usually propagated by seed, some desirable varieties are propagated asexually, especially if they take well to widely used propagation methods. The best time to graft pines is during winter or early spring. After grafting, put the potted specimen in a protected l

A Rotting Yucca Plant

Yuccas appear as shrublike plants with long leaves growing from the plant’s base. These plant types rely on a unique pollination process involving yucca moths, which follow a genetically programmed pollination practice. Yuccas are susceptible to certain pests and conditions that weaken plant s

How to Identify Male and Female Box Elder Trees

The box elder, Acer negundo, is a species of maple native to North America. It is also known as box elder maple and maple ash. However, unlike other maples, box elders are dioecious, which means each tree is either male or female. Both a male and female tree are needed for the trees to reproduce. Fe

Ideas for Lighting for African Violets

African violets flourish under the right lighting conditions.African violet image by Shirley Lai from Fotolia.comA healthy balance of artificial or filtered natural lighting and the correct amounts of light exposure result in full-bodied, profusely flowering African violets. African...

How to Grow Anemones

Also known as Japanese windflower, this delicate flower is a great addition to a fall garden. Anemone leaves resemble a maple and have stems that can reach up to 39 inches. The single or double blossoms come in white, pale or dark pink or can even be double-colored. Anemones spread easily once they

Are There Maple Trees in New Mexico?

The only species of maple tree native to some parts of New Mexico is the canyon or bigtooth maple. Other types of maple may grow if nurtured carefully but easily develop yellowish and brown leaves and peeling bark.

Garden Plant Identification

A garden plant can be identified in several different ways, based on what you know about the plant. Some questions to ask include the following: How long does the plant live? What kind of leaves and structure does the plant have? How does the plant grow?

How to Harvest Fruit Trees

Harvest time is the happy by-product of proper maintenance and care of fruit trees. It is extremely important to know when to harvest and which fruit is ripe. Many fruits like citrus and cherries, when harvested too early, do not ripen after they are picked from the tree; therefore, their taste is l