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The Best Pesticides for Roach Control

Roaches spread diseases, so use the best pesticides to eradicate them.jumping roach image by Adrian Hillman from Fotolia.comWhile prevention is the best cure for a roach infestation, once the roaches have made their home in your space, you'll need to control them with a pesticide plan to...

How to Kill Bugs Under a House Slab

Insect infestations can result in damage to the foundations of your home, so it is important to identify, treat and prevent problems quickly. Concrete slabs are prone to harboring insect infestations because of the construction engineering of the foundation. A slab lies on a thick layer of drainage

How to Remove Musty Smells From a Guitar Case

Since guitar cases are typically closed most of the time and may be stored in a dark closet or damp basement, they can develop a musty smell from moisture accumulation. To deodorize the guitar case, you want to use something that safely removes the musty odor without damaging the guitar case.

How to Fix a Roof Before Foreclosure

If your home is in danger of going into foreclosure and you know its roof needs repairs or replacement, you may be wondering if it is worth it to fix it before the home is sold at auction. After all, you may not be able to keep your home, so making repairs on something that could be taken away might

How to Use KS1 Batteries

British education uses a series of KS competencies. Learning about batteries is a science competency for elementary children. Wondering what happens to a battery when recycled is the focus of the lesson. A KS1 battery is a recycled battery. In Britain there are recycling boxes for old, worn-out batt

How to Rectify a Light Bulb to Last Longer

It is an annoyance experienced by most: walking into a room and flipping the light switch on, only to have the bulb die with a quick flash and a crackle. While there is not much for you to do to the light bulb itself to make it last longer, there are ways to lengthen the life of your light bulbs tha

How to Build a Butcher Block Cutting Board

A butcher block cutting board consists of several strips of wood joined together with a bonding agent. Carpenters refer to this process as "lamination." The lamination process is straightforward: mill the lumber into uniform strips, apply glue, clamp the pieces together and allow the glue to cure. T

How to Open a Circle Lock

Keys and locks come in many sizes and shapes other than the standard door lock. Known by the term "circle lock" because of the shape of its key, a tubular lock uses a high-security pin and tumbler locking system that employs a special key shaped like a fat, hollow tube. The key sports several cuts,

How to Get Rid of Snakes in My Home

According to Professional Wildlife Removal, there are more than 120 species of snakes in North America. Only 17 of these are actually poisonous. Snakes mostly reside outside of your home, but they can make their way inside if they are in search of mice. If you find a snake in your home, you will wan

Home Security Starts With Basic Steps

Home security needs to start with basic steps. For your home security to be effective and stop a burglar, you need to think like one.

History of Crockery

From earliest times, the availability of manufacturing materials has dictated the history of crockery, with clay as the basis for most forms of crockery worldwide. Exports of crockery and consumer demand played pivotal roles in prompting new inventions in the use of raw materials, as manufacturers s

What Happens If I Have Technical Issues With My ADT Alarm System?

An ADT alarm system is a private security system that can be installed in homes and businesses. The ADT company provides a number of services and security packages, such as home climate control and 24-hour protection. If the system does not work, there are a number of actions a homeowner or business

Lock Bumping Problem

The biggest threat to any type of lock is lock picking and lock bumping. Unfortunately online tutorials can teach anyone how to make their own bump key using tools readily available from many hardware stores. Here you can find out what locksmith can offer to protect against lock bumping.

How to Cut Your Own Fence Boards

There are many situations in which it becomes necessary to cut your own fence boards. Sometimes, the slope of your yard is changed by the addition of soil or landscaping. You may also have had some type of accident, such as a fallen tree that damaged one or more sections of your fence, requiring rep

People Opening Doors Invite Burglars in, a Wireless Alarm System is the Answer

How come there are so many in the extended family? This is getting ridiculous. Now the kids are teenagers there seems to be a constant stream of visitors coming and going, using the phone, eating all the food and worse still leaving windows and doors wide open as they blast music down the garden.