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Directions for a Picnic Table Tarp

Setting up a picnic table tarp is usually done to provide protection for food and people from sun and rain. The tarp should be positioned high enough above the table to be at least 6 inches above the tallest person's head. The tarp should be made of durable fabric, with brass grommets around the per

Time to Plant Garlic

Garlic is in the onion family. It is a common flavoring in Italian and many other foods. The vegetable comes in two varieties: stiff neck and soft neck. Garlic is a cool-weather vegetable. Attempts to grow it in warm weather result in the vegetable flowering rather than developing bulbs.

Landscape Ideas for Small Backyards With Pools

While landscaping a small backyard is a challenge in and of itself, throwing a pool in the mix adds a major extra consideration -- but looking at the pool as a source of inspiration rather than design difficulty may help you create landscaping you love. Whether your small, pool-enhanced backyard is

Do I Really Need a Fire Pit Cover?

Some people hear the term "fire pit cover" and have themselves a little chuckle. Do you really need to cover something up that is made to withstand extremely hot temperatures? Well, believe it or not, it is just as important to use one of these as it is to use a water fountain cover.

How to Stake a Vegetable Garden

Staking vegetables is an important part in gardening. Staking a plant provides support and also keeps the fruit or vegetables off the ground.

How to Create Your Own Yard Sign

Many people think that yard signs are just for election season when it is common to see them dotting the lawns across suburbia, but you can also make yard signs for holidays or to announce the location of a party. The actual design is up to you, but this wooden yard sign allows you to change the loo

Selling Pine Straw for Profit

Pinestraw is fast becoming the desired mulch and landscaping material for gardeners and homeowners in suburban America. This emerging trend provides an additional way pertaining to a pine forest to provide more income to the forest manager. This article will help those considering growing pine trees

What to Plant With Purple Fountain Grass

Purple fountain grass is a mid-sized grass growing to 3 feet high with purple leaves and a soft purple seed head. It self seeds easily. It works as a specimen plant by itself or with other flowers and plants. Purple fountain grass requires full sun to thrive and regular watering. Other than that, it

Irrigation and Landscape Design

In designing your backyard landscape, you should think about the irrigation system that will be used to water your plants and trees. Will you be using hoses above the ground or will you want below ground water sprinklers installed. You have to also take into consideration the water bill and in that

Do You Know the Easy Way to Build a Home Pond?

Think of walking into your back yard and hearing the gentle sounds of moving water gently slapping onto the rocks of a gorgeous pond! It sounds nice, doesn't it? Now try adding brightly-colored fish and extraordinarily-alluring plants. Doesn't it make you feel like you're in paradise?

The Best Way to Cut Wallboard

Wallboard, drywall, Gypsum board and other names all refer to a similar product. Made primarily from gypsum with a paper covering, wallboard has become the standard for finished walls in new homes, replacing lath and plaster as the product of choice among builders. Cutting and installing wallboard i

How to Flymo a Lawn

To Flymo a lawn is to use a hovercraft lawnmower made by the company that invented Flymo. These lawnmowers, or strimmers as they are also called, use a nylon string to cut grass, just like a weed whacker. The difference is that the string is much longer and more robust, and the mower is designed to

How to Care for a Brick Patio

Brick patios are attractive, functional and durable. They make great spaces for outdoor entertaining or relaxing. But even a brick patio requires regular steps to help preserve and protect it. There are simple steps to help keep your patio in tip-top shape, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

How to Detect Crows in Corn

After all the time and back-breaking labor invested in growing a hardy field of corn, there is nothing more frustrating than having your harvest go to the birds. When corn farmers look to point a finger at a specific garden pest, according to the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management (ICWDM

The Effects of Earwigs

Just about everyone has heard a story about earwigs. Some tales describe how after entering the ear canal, a person went deaf. Others tell about how the earwig got stuck in an ear canal and doctors were not able to take it out. Still, others have described the path earwigs took as they entered an ea

How to Landscape With Aluminum Edging

Aluminum edging contributes a uniform look to landscaping. By using edging, gardeners prevent grass from growing in flowerbeds and keep ornamental plants from creeping into the grass. Gardeners choose aluminum edging, because it does not distract the eye like other edging materials such as rocks. In

Garden Decor - Mystify the Neighborhood

Driving through neighborhoods revealed themes of taste for outdoor garden decor. What captured my attention were homes using iron home decor for such a variety of purposes. Some homes displayed wrought iron house numbers or letters, some decorated with mailbox toppers, while others stood out from en

The Basics of Growing Orchids

Orchids are one of the most diverse species on earth. According to the OrchidMania website, there are between 25,000 and 30,000 distinct varieties. Examples thrive at across the globe from the Arctic Circle to the hottest tropical climate. Orchids' diversity and beauty make them popular with gardene