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How to Remove a Countertop That Has Been Glued to the Cabinets

Replacing outdated counter tops can transform a bathroom or kitchen almost instantly. While it is generally recommended that new counter tops are installed professionally, you can save money on labor if you remove the counter tops by yourself.

What Are the Causes of Garage Mildew?

Mildew can seriously damage any surface it grows on.muffa image by from Fotolia.comThe dusky smell of mildew is virtually unmistakable, and it doesn't take a pro to realize that getting it is a lot easier than getting rid of it. Mildew and other forms of mold thrive in...

How to Install a Water Dispenser Actuator Arm in an Amana Refrigerator

An actuator arm on an Amana refrigerator with a through-the-door water dispenser receives a lot of wear. Sometimes, after years of use the arm can become unusable and you may need to replace it. The actuator arm is the device that you press to activate the mechanism to dispense water. At the time o

How to Remove Knife Blade Oxidation Stains With Lime Juice

Oxidized knives have unsightly black, brown or reddish stains. While acids are a common product used in the removal of rust stains in all kinds of metals, some acids can be too strong and dangerous. The citric acid contained in limes and other citrus fruits is strong enough break down rust and remov

Homemade Liquid Plumber

A clogged drain is a nuisance . It makes showers uncomfortably awkward and using sinks a race against time before the whole room's transformed into a flooded mess. While a number of drain-cleaning products are available on the market, the results aren't always guaranteed and these products can be co

DIY Carpet Shampoo

There are several methods used to clean carpets: steam, dry foam and bonnet, to name a few. Each brings something different to the table, such as quick drying time, optical brightness and deep extraction. The shampoo method works well for all carpet types; it is especially good at scrubbing traffic

Tips for Cleaning Cast Iron Bathtubs

Clean cast iron tubs with non-abrasive cleaners.salle de bain style colonnial image by oldjazz77 from Fotolia.comCast iron tubs are like an ornamental fixture in your bathroom. Most have claw footings and the exterior can be painted any shade you desire. Cleaning a cast iron tub requires...

How to Re-Cement Flagstone

Flagstone is a type of natural stone that is commonly used to make patios and sidewalks. Flagstone is available in many sizes and shapes, making installation much like fitting together pieces of a puzzle, and when one piece is missing, it becomes obvious and ruins the look of the structure. Over tim

How to Get Enchilada Sauce Out of a Cotton Weave Tablecloth

Zesty enchilada sauce is nice to have on your tongue but not on your tablecloth. While you're dishing out enchiladas at dinnertime, if you happen to spill some on your cotton weave tablecloth, don't sweat it. Although tomato-based foods cause some of the most stubborn stains, with swift action and a

How to Clean Mortar Grout

Ceramic tile is held in place using a mortar grout product. Typically, these types of tiles are located in kitchens, bathrooms and entryways. Though this grout is durable, it attracts and holds dirt like no other due to the course consistency of the product. Whether sealed or unsealed, grout becomes

How to Remove Water Stains in a Carpet

Water spots on carpet tend to appear gray or brown. The water is rarely the culprit of the stain; it is actually made of dirt and dust that settled on the carpet while wet and then dried to the individual fibers. Most newer carpets are treated with a stain-resistant coating, but this doesn't combat

How to Remove Water Marks From Unfinished Wood

Water marks on your unfinished wood surface most commonly appear as white rings or spots. These white marks are caused by moisture and heat being transferred into the wood by glasses or dishes sitting on your unfinished wood surface. Though water marks appear to be permanent because they are ingrain

How to Get Diesel Grease Out of Clothes

Mechanics have a hard time keeping clothes clean especially when working with grease and oil. When diesel grease spills onto clothes it absorbs into fabric quickly. The oily substance oozes into threads of fabric and clings to the material, resulting in a hard to remove stain. Enzymes from certain c

How to Clean Mold on Plastic Blocks

Plastic blocks help a child learn to read, count and even build. As the child grows, the plastic blocks may no longer be used. However, when you store kids' toys in the basement or attic, mold can collect. Removing mold from the plastic blocks is important when you are donating or allowing any child

Homemade Methods of Removing Rust

Rust can permanently damage metallic surfaces, tools and equipment. Homemade methods for rust removal include acidic fruit, cleaning products, backing soda and vinegar. These methods are inexpensive and will not pollute the environment. If allergic to harsh chemicals, homemade rust cleaners allow yo

How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell Under a Car

Skunks are black with a white strip down their middle. They look cute and fuzzy, but they have the ability to stink you off of your property. Skunks actually squirt an oily liquid out of their anal scent gland. This oily liquid lingers in the air and creates an unpleasant smell that sends anyone in

How to Clean a Water Spot Off a Jacquard Silk Comforter

One of the advantages of Jacquard silk is that, unlike some other types of silk, it's often machine washable. Jacquard is frequently used for silk bedding for that reason -- but it can still become water stained. When it comes to a comforter, submerging it in water or machine washing to remove a wat

How to Clean a Chimney Insert

A clean chimney insert, or chimney liner, prevents and reduces the risk of chimney fires. Flammable creosote builds on the walls of the chimney insert as you burn firewood in the fireplace or stove connected to the chimney. Chimney inserts prevent your chimney from cracking and breaking in a fire, b

Safe Home Cleaning Products

Lemon juice is a natural disinfectant.lemon image by Henryk Olszewski from Fotolia.comAs the potential dangers of some ingredients used in many commercial cleaning products have come to life, some companies now offer safer home cleaning products. The definition of what is safe, natural...

How Get Tape Off a Plastic Plate

Plastic plates often come from the manufacturer or retailer with sticker tape on them. This tape should be removed before using the plate. The adhesive used to hold the tape to the plate doesn't always come off easily.