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How to Make Floating Wall Shelves

Floating shelves add a sleek, modern look to a room by hiding their mounting brackets within the structure of the shelf itself. Although these are much more complicated to build than a standard bracket-and-board shelf, they're still within the reach of novice and intermediate woodworkers. Set aside

How to Install Tile Around a Glass Block Window

Installing tiles can give any area of your home a fresh, modern and clean look. Inspect the wall surface that you are planning to tile. If the surface is not smooth or is otherwise damaged, you need to address these issues first. Most of the tiles available for this project range from 4 to 6 square

How to Fasten a Plexiglas Panel to an Aluminum Frame

Plexiglas is a popular alternative to glass. It is stronger and more flexible than glass and is used for many applications. There are many ways to adhere Plexiglas to different materials. Plexiglas can easily be drilled through and can also be sealed to objects with silicone. Fastening Plexiglas to

Ideas for a Small Bathroom Remodel With Dark Tiles

Dark tiles in gray, black or purple can give a bathroom space an upscale look. There are many interesting ways to use dark tiles on flooring or walls. A small bathroom will have a high-quality look, if you take time to plan details. It's important to use fixtures and faucets that are costlier in a s

How to Install Photovoltaic Solar Cells

Photovoltaic solar cells are typically installed on building rooftops. For ensuring optimum effectiveness of the cells, it is important that you install them where they receive direct sunlight all day long. Additionally, you have to be careful while picking the right spot to avoid such obstructions

Build Your Own Utility Trailer

Utility trailers can be used for a variety of tasks and are every landscaper's best friend. If you are a do-it-yourselfer who wants to spend an afternoon working with metal and save a few dollars, you can build your own utility trailer. Follow these instructions to build your own utility trailer for

Spackling Compound Vs. Joint Compound

Spackle is a repair and patching compound that is used primarily on drywall, but also can be used in wood and plaster. Joint compound, also known as mud, is used to cover drywall tape that covers the seams made when two sections of drywall come together. It is important to understand when it is appr

Building an Entertainment Console Door

Building a new door for an entertainment console is an excellent way to revitalize the unit, as well as your entire entertainment room. Since the door is the most visible part of the entertainment console, it's outward appearance is vital for the overall feel of your entertainment system. For this r

Do It Yourself Glass Front Kitchen Cabinets

Instead of keeping your dinnerware and stemware hidden, show them off with glass cabinet doors. As long as your cabinets are made of wood, you can retrofit them with glass. Non-wood doors may be more difficult to cut and cause splintering. You can complete this project with wood doors in less than 4

Remodeling Ideas for a 100-Year-Old Farmhouse

Preserving the special features and beauty of an old home requires creating balance. While the home will need electrical and plumbing upgrades, you don't want to take out interesting old floors, columns or windows. It's important to combine the old with the new in a practical way. The kitchen will n

DIY Kids Kitchen Pantry

Healthy eating habits are easiest to reinforce at home, and one of the best ways to get your children involved in healthy eating is to bring them into the kitchen. Get them interested in food by giving the kitchen pantry a kid-friendly makeover. Transforming the pantry into a place where kids feel c

How to Calculate the Density of Wood Chips

Density describes how much mass an object has in a given space. The formula to determine density divides the weight by the volume. This means that more dense objects will weigh more but take up less space than less dense objects. For instance, a pound of lead has a greater density than a pound of fe

What Is the Function of a Headboard?

Headboards have been used as far back as 3100 B.C., when Pharaohs had them fashioned from gold, silver and ebony, according to the History Website article titled "Headboards Through the Ages." Throughout early history, they were meant to provide protection from the elements and a comfortable support

How to Get Drawers to Slide Easy

Of all the things in your house that will need the occasional repair, drawers are not the most difficult. A drawer that sticks is a sign the wood is swollen and does not fit on the guide rails any longer. This can be due to humidity or even just age. Once the drawer slides in and out smoothly, then

Swiss Cutting Tools

Swiss manufacturers take pride in making quality knives as well as other cutting products such as watches. Several Swiss companies offer a variety of cutting products, including Victorinox and Wenger, both of which produce multiple varieties of cutting tools. The headliner, of course, is the Swiss A

How to Build a Wooden Warehouse Rack

Racks are a basic component of any storage system. In a warehouse, storage of items is similar to any other kind of shelving system just on a much larger basis. A bigger load of items needs to be handled, stored, and rotated in a warehouse, so the wooden racks need to be built for heavy duty use. Wh

How to Trowel Vermiculite

Vermiculite is used in concrete for lightweight, insulating purposes. The mineral helps reduce the density of concrete mix while providing the insulating value of 20 inches of concrete in just one inch of the vermiculite mix. Pools have vermiculite bottoms because of these benefits. Applying the ver

Carpet Repair Tips

Cut snags from carpet with scissors.woolen carpet texture image by Tolbxela from Fotolia.comAll carpets experience wear and tear that will eventually result in needed repairs. Snags, stains and odors plague carpet owners, especially with children and pets running across the flooring. With...