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Painting a Tree Red

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. Here is my gallery of Wordless Wednesday pictures from the past few months.

How to Collect Vintage Handkerchiefs

Vintage handkerchiefs are one of the most inexpensive and effortless collectables to find. Back in the day, women and gentlemen would not step outside without a hat and handkerchief. Collectors today display them in frames, incorporate them in crafts such as quilting, or use them as a decorative ac

Sewing Crafts and Patterns

If you are looking for a fun and easy sewing project, browse through this collection and choose a few to try.

Going to a Warhammer Tournament

Warhammer Tournaments are great fun. This short article gives an introduction about how to get involved in playing in tournaments.

The Spokeshave

These go back a long way and the clue is in the name. Like the feloe, wheelmakers used them. They come in different forms; the most common include some for concave work, some for straight and some for convex. Spokeshaves are essential when doing free-hand curved work and are amazingly versatile.

The Fun of Collecting Nostalgic Toys

What is it about toys that we all love? Yes they are fun, entertaining, and can bring out creativity in both young and old. Toys have a way of sparking special memories that evoke many emotions.

How to Make Easter Egg Critters

Use these suggestions to decorate your hard boiled or blown out eggs to look like fun people and animals.

How to Fly a Kite - A Single Line Kite in Particular

Need a hand with knowing how to fly a kite? We've seen plenty of struggling fliers from time to time! If so, the information here should be very helpful. It's all based on our flying experiences with single-liners.

Train Sets For Adults

When buying train sets for adults you first have to see if they are railroad enthusiasts as otherwise you are wasting your time. Children including boys and girls of most ages like model trains and can be safely added to their birthday or Christmas present list. However buying for adults is a little

Essential Equipments And Accessories For Knitting

Preparation is everything, as the saying goes. The new knitting enthusiast needs to familiarize with the tools of the trade even before starting, just like in any other learning activity.

Book Worm Pumpkin Photo

Check out this photo of a pumpkin Brenda Slosek and her daughter decorated to look like a book worm.

Looking For Experienced Machine Embroidery Designers!

We’re dedicated to bring the top machine embroidery designs and patterns made of quality threads and fabrics. If you’re excited to add beauty to your projects then our latest embroidery designs allures it lot. Browse our online embroidery gallery and find the best collection of embroider

How to Make Suncatchers Like Windchimes!

Suncatchers and windchimes, I think, are always an effective item. Generally they can be produced quite easily from items that you already own. So what I am about to suggest making, is done using old compact discs.

Prayer Shawls

Modern day prayer shawls are the most heartfelt gift you can make for someone. They are made for someone whose life events you care very deeply about. They are knitted during a pregnancy and presented at the infant's birth and during extended illnesses and presented to family members following

Garden Markers

This craft is featured in chapter 6 of the Guide to Family Crafts book.

Tiny Tom Turkey Craft

Instructions to make turkeys using an egg carton. A cute Thanksgiving table decoration.