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Woodworking Crafts

For Boy Scout projects, shop class or home improvements, working in wood can provide a sense of accomplishment. A woodworking project can save money in repairs, be an alternative to replacing furniture, or provide thoughtful handmade gifts. The best place to get started in working with wood is with

Why Is the Red-Footed Falcon an Endangered Animal?

The red-footed falcon (Falco vespertinus) is native to Eastern Europe and parts of Asia. Between 1990 and 2000 its numbers began to decline. Red-footed falcons are classified as a near-threatened species according to the 2010 International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List Category. The Bird

List of Deserts and Rainforests

Deserts and rainforests represent the natural world at its most beautiful and extreme, and both environments are home to flora and fauna not found elsewhere. Deserts -- areas of little rainfall and either very high or low temperatures -- and rainforests -- evergreen forests that receive large amount

How to Troubleshoot an Air Hog Intruder

The Air Hogs Intruder RC (Remote Control) airplane was built with several features to make operating the plane hassle free, even for beginners. However, even with features such as a dedicated "Land" button and "Beginner" mode, you may still run into operational issues with the Intruder. Before you s

Laminate Table Top Installation

A laminate tabletop can work in several rooms of a home, including the kitchen, a home office or as a study desk for a child’s bedroom. Laminate sheets are readily available in most home improvement stores and come in a variety of colors. You can even use laminate to give new life to a wooden

What Is an HHO Series Cell?

An HHO cells uses the process of electrolysis to split water molecules into their two chemical components, two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. There is more to this scientific phenomenon than many people understand.

How to Measure How the Volume of Water Changes With Temperature

When measuring liquids, many scientists deal with the volume of the liquid as indicated on a graduated cylinder. The temperature of water can affect its volume, which can make for an interesting experiment on the effects of temperature on volume. To test the effect of temperature on the volume of wa

Fighter Jet Tools

Fighter mechanics use a number of specialty tools.f22 raptor fighter jet landing image by Jorge Moro from Fotolia.comMaintaining high-performance fighter jets requires training and a specialized set of tools. While some of the tools in an aviation mechanic's toolbox are fairly common,...

How to Build Box Gutters

A box gutter is a type of rain gutter which is hidden within the roof structure of a house. The gutter appears as an extension of the roof line. This type of gutter is typically found on older homes before aluminum gutters became popular features. Building a box gutter needs to be done when a new ho

Picoo Z Tips

The Picoo Z is the original version of the Air Hogs Havoc Heli. This miniature radio-controlled chopper has become very popular due to its inexpensive cost and ease of use. The Picoo Z is a ready-to-fly helicopter that weighs just 10 grams. As with larger models, flying the Picoo Z can quickly beco

How to Catch a Huge Fish in "Persona 4"

"Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4," released in the U.S. for the PlayStation 2 in 2008, is a complex title with many mini-games that can be played separately from the main storyline. Though most of the questing involves the team battling Shadows and obtaining Arcana within the labyrinthine maze of Tart

How to Measure Fluids With a Graduated Cylinder

Graduated cylinders are among the more commonly used pieces of glassware in a chemistry or biology laboratory. Glassware manufacturers offer them in capacities ranging from 5 mL to more than 2000 mL. They do not provide high accuracy and may have errors approaching 10 percent. However, they are inex

How to Find Old Coins Depicting Ships

True numismatists understand that their coins tell tales not merely of economics and monetary systems but more importantly of a people's culture and history. World leaders and events are captured in simple spheres of gold, copper and silver. Famous ships, long ago swallowed by the sea, are forever

How to Drill Stainless Steel Sheets

The tendency of stainless steel to "work harden" makes it difficult to drill. Work hardening occurs when heat generated by cutting, bending or drilling the metal causes the heated area to harden. The localized heat generated while drilling causes work the sheet to harden faster than other types of m

How to Bore Sight a Shotgun

Hunting requires a precise shot every time, so sighting your shotgun properly is a major key to a successful trip. Bore sighting a shotgun is a more refined method of sighting, because it employs the use of a laser sight. Laser sights allow for focused and accurate sighting and therefore a better ad

How to Adjust a Compass

The compass was invented by the Chinese around 247 BCE. It has been one of the most useful tools for navigation ever designed, as it can operate anywhere in the world without electricity or batteries and has no time-wasting buttons to press or confusing interfaces. It naturally points in the correct

How to Sight in a Gun Without Shooting it

Sighting in a gun without firing the weapon is a relatively simple procedure. By using a boresighter (a device that indicates the rifle's projected point of impact), or by visually determining the point of impact by looking through the barrel at a predetermined spot, your rifle can be sighted in wit

What Is a Good Way to Set Up a Stamp Collection Book?

Setting up a stamp collection is often a time-consuming but highly rewarding activity. You have many options when you're laying out a stamp collection book. Often, collectors use blank books in order to have maximum control over the design of their collections. Stamps may be grouped by theme, by nat

Which Country's Coins are the Most Collectable?

Coin collecting is a worldwide interest. Numismatists, or coin collectors, seek out coins of varying denominations and dates, and many pieces possess great historical value. Others are monuments to past cultures and commemorate rulers and heroes. Still others are prized as oddities, with defects in

Design Ideas for Old Wooden Window Screens

Some wooden screens are especially beautiful with elaborate scroll work at the corners, while others are more utilitarian with few design details. Over time, these screen doors often are replaced with newer versions made from aluminum or fiberglass, and the wooden screen door is taken...