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Placenta Previa Treatment

Placenta previa is a condition in which a pregnant woman's placenta is laying unusually low in the uterus, sometimes even covering the cervix. The placenta is the organ that supplies your baby with necessary nutrients, so it is vital to pregnancy. Women with placenta previa generally experience no p

The Three Trimesters of Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy generally consists of three trimesters which each represent different stages of growth of your baby as well as different changes that women experience. Here is an article that will explain you the three trimesters of pregnancy.

How to Become Pregnant (Cure Infertility)

To cure infertility it's very important to identify the probable causes. After this step, the treatments can begin. One of the major problems are the lack (irregular) ovulation. With fertility drugs you can induce ovulation. Only if the ovulation is the problem - the infertility drugs are the a

Twins at 11 Weeks

The 11th week of pregnancy can produce some early ultrasound photos.

Choosing Child Care Service

Choosing child care service requires doing your homework, whether you are looking for a day care center or at-home care.

Caesareans And Childbirth Education Classes - Why Do I Need Them?

Perhaps you recently found out that you will need to deliver your baby by caesarean? You may wonder if those childbirth education courses are really necessary. Doesn't the doctor do it all? Certainly no need for those relaxation and breathing exercises? Or is there?


The meaning, origin and impression of the baby boy name - Luis.

Best Time to Get Pregnant - A Simple Answer

The best time to get pregnant is during what is called your "peak" fertile phase, which is the 4 to 5 days preceding ovulation. This phase is different for every woman. Many women calculate this incorrectly resulting in missed conception opportunities.

Your Body and Pregnancy Changes

You might be aware of the changes your body is likely to go through even though you might be pregnant, but you might think of these changes are temporary. Several of them are, but some issues are likely to change forever. You will find also some healthcare problems that could arise due to and follow

How to Choose Your Child's Gender

When a couple realizes that they are pregnant, in the back of their mind's they have an idea of the gender they want. It is completely natural to think and feel this way as well. If you are considering gender selection, then there are a few things that you need to know. Find out the safest way

Is it Safe to Drink Wine During Pregnancy?

While it has long been accepted that consuming large amounts of alcohol during a pregnancy can be extremely harmful to the unborn baby, recent research is showing that consuming a small amount of wine during pregnancy does not seem to be harmful, and in some cases, might even be beneficial. It seems

How Acupressure Works to Induce Labor

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese art that has been used for centuries to relieve chronic pain a patient might be suffering from. Your body has a variety of acupressure points which are places on the body particularly sensitive to bioelectric impulses. By stimulating these points with pressure in ac

Lifting Weights During Pregnancy?

Keeping active during pregnancy is important and most doctors today do recommend exercising during pregnancy. This is at odds to what doctors recommended a generation ago when we were born and when mothers to be were expected to rest. Obviously your fitness routine will probably need to change at so

Why Every Pregnant Woman Should Consider a Nuchal Scan

It's natural for a pregnant woman to be concerned about health of her unborn baby and one of the least invasive ways of checking your baby's health can be through a nuchal scan. A nuchal scan helps experts to assess the risks of chromosomal defects in an unborn child. Genetic abnormalities