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The Best Hair Blow Dryers to Invest In

Drying the hair is the most important step towards achieving a great look. When dried properly, hair becomes easy to style. When poorly dried, hair tends to become coarse and extremely dry. The natural glean also disappears and it develops split ends, which lead to hair breakage. Let us look at the

How to Make a Child's Jester Costume

Make a jester costume for your child's Halloween party or school play. Although jester costumes are commercially available, making one yourself allows you to recycle shirts or pants you already have, and use colors your child likes, while saving money. The best part about making such a costume is th

Paris Hilton Celebrity Styler

Paris Hilton herself has just came out with a hairstyling iron, in addition this specialized celebrity styler features the elite elements that most other styling tools or irons do not include. It incorporates all elements into a complete one piece styling essential.

How to Do 1920s Hair

Finger wave hairstyles were arguably the most popular hairstyle of the 1920s and the 1930s. It was an everyday style for women. It was also sported by nearly every female Hollywood icon of the time, from Jean Harlow to Greta Garbo. The style was classically short---a bob-length haircut was typical i

The Best Kids Haircuts

An important consideration for parents when thinking about the right haircut for their child is the manageability of the haircut. The choice of haircut would be influenced by the age of the child. For example, toddlers would require short, simple, gender-specific styles, while children between 4 and

How to Use a Rizla Blue Cigarette Roller

Rolling cigarettes has become an increasingly popular way to smoke. Many smokers find the process of rolling their own cigarettes preferable to buying a pack pre-rolled. Rizla remains one of the most popular brands of rolling papers, with its "blue" papers a thinner version of the original Rizla "re

Sunless Tanning? How Does It Work?

With all the information that we are bombarded with everyday about the dangers of the sun it is a wonder that we leave the house at all let alone lay out on the beach. Sunless tanning products have become a popular alternative that give you that golden glow without the risks of UV exposure.

Acuvue Toric Contact Lenses: How Effective Are They For Astigmatism?

Are you suffering from Astigmatism? Acuvue toric contact lenses are one solution for astigmatism. Generally, the regular spherical contact lens doesn’t have different powers in the lens but in case of toric lenses you have this facility, which makes the best vision option for the patient.

How to Put on Snap Buttons

Sewers typically rely on their sewing machines to whip up their next garment creation. But there comes a time when hand-sewing is not only preferred, it's essential. You'll need to do some hand-sewing if you plan to close the opening on the back of a blouse or replace a fallen snap button on your dr

How to Make Bottom Lashes Darker

Our eyes are expressive and can convey a message with a simple look. Not everyone is blessed with long and dark eyelashes, but that does not mean that anyone should settle for ordinary eyes. Learning how to make your bottom lashes darker and more noticable may take some practice. Time and patience w

Cosmetic SurgeryChanging The Way You Look

Cosmetic surgery is one of the most sought after procedure undertaken by many people to correct their facial features and improve the overall look.

Eye Makeup for Sparkling Eyes

No matter what your eye shape is, you can always make it look bright and sparkling with the right amount of makeup. An eye makeup which may seem to open up your eyes may look drab on your friend's eyes. So now you see that eye makeup for different eyes are different.

How to Make Sheer Tinted Moisturizer

Show the world the best version of yourself with a fresh face. No longer is it necessary to spend hours carefully applying pancake makeup; more and more women are moving toward the growing trend of using tinted moisturizer that you can apply with very little effort. Buying tinted moisturizer can be

Orange Hair Extensions

Orange is a very interesting color. It's a combination of red and yellow so it combines the attributes of both these colors within itself. It is a vibrant shade where the intensity and aggression of red is tempered by the cheerfulness of yellow so a wonderful amalgam presents itself in the colo

Hairstyling - Your New Year Resolution

As we enter 2011 many of us will be making our New Year resolutions for all or some part of our life. With that in mind having a new hairstyle which promotes a brand new you, could be a good place to start. A new hairstyle always provides good feel factor for the wearer and the observer alike. So wh

Materials Used for Optical Glasses

Glasses are made from simple materials.glasses reflecting in the glass tabletop image by Daria Miroshnikova from Fotolia.comOptical glasses have been used for hundreds of years to improve vision. Many people suffer from vision problems, the most common being near or short sightedness. As...

How to Shrink an Extra Large Shirt

You finally found that perfect shirt in your preferred style and color, only to discover that it's a size or two too large. Perhaps you purchased the shirt from an online website without trying it on, they were sold out of your exact size at a clothing store or you received it as a gift. Rather than

Dark Eye Tips

Many women want to try the dark, smoky eye. It adds a touch of drama and elegance to formal wear, or a dash of mystery if you're going out on the town. Nearly every woman can pull off this look, except those with very small or closely-set eyes. If you do try it, be very subtle, otherwise you may loo