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A DIY Bridal Shower Cake Decoration With Paper Towels

Bridal showers serve as a prelude to the big event of a wedding. Showers are meant to be a fun, enjoyable time of celebration the bride spends with her female friends and relatives. Pay tribute to the upcoming big day with a play on the traditional cake present at most weddings. Craft a faux wedding

Art of Wedding Stationeries

The secret here to a good wedding is compromise. A compromise would mean meeting halfway and getting what both of you want your wedding to be. It is more like give and take, only you would have to accept the fact that your partner has his or her own take of a dream wedding too.

Wedding Music For Your Beach Wedding Ceremony

One of the question I get all the time about wedding music is 'Do I need music for my beach wedding ceremony?' And the answer may surprise you as it varies based on personal preference.

Don't forget vital details on your Wedding Day

You count the numbers of guests, check the seating plan, look at the fabulous co-ordinating colour schemes and go over the menus and special diets. Everything is spot on ready and guests will delight

The Best Flowers for a Bridal Bouquet

The choice of flowers for your bridal bouquet is an important decision, as flowers can set the tone for the wedding. Bridal bouquets can be traditional, modern, grand, simple or even whimsical. Rhinestones, pearls, seashells, and lace are popular bouquet embellishments. Flowers can be a...

Becoming a Self Employed Wedding Planner Part 2

Obviously if you are leaving a job with a steady salary to set up in business, it is going to have a huge financial impact, especially if you are the main wage earner in the household. Continuing in paid employment can help with this. Alongside this it is important to think about protecting yourself

Tips on Shooting Outdoor Weddings

Shooting a wedding might be one of the biggest challenges of your photography career. In addition to having to work outside, with little control over lighting, you will be expected to take photos of a number of people; have to take posed, group and candid photos; and have to work with scenery that m

The Do's and Don'ts: Best Man Speech Guidelines

There are no fixed rules or regulations marking the laws of best man speech guidelines. However there are a do's and don'ts that you can follow to make your speech better. These are

Wedding Arch Ideas

The wedding arch is a traditional element of the wedding ceremony, framing the location where the bride and groom stand to say "I do." Because it is a central focus for the ceremony, couples will want something stylish and coordinated with their wedding. There are many beautiful and creati

Beach Wedding Dress Styles

Many couple consider the beach to be the ideal destination for a dream wedding. Beaches offer beautiful backdrops for wedding photos and a fun atmosphere for the bridal party and wedding guests. Choosing the right dress for a beach wedding is an essential part of the bride's planning for this impor

Bridal Photography

Marriages are made in heaven and solemnized on earth so don't you think bridal photography deserves an exceptional consideration? With the advent of digital wedding photography, you run a better chance to capture the fun and the emotions of this special chapter in your life.

How to Choose a Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape

Deciding on the dress you will wear as you walk down the aisle is one of the most important decisions any bride will make. This is why it's so important that you choose a wedding dress for your body shape, enhancing your silhouette and making a statement as you walk down the aisle to the man of

Engagement Traditions Without Diamonds

Diamond rings are the most common type of engagement ring, but your options don't stop there. Diamonds aren't for every girl, and an engagement ring should be personalized for each individual. Consider what type of jewelry your future fiancee likes and what type of stones she is most drawn to when l

Preparing Your House For Your at Home Wedding

A wedding in your or a family member's home can be a very personalized experience. Your friends and family may have been to your home many times, so it offers them a comfortable environment. It can also afford you some luxuries you may not have at other venues. You can decorate completely as yo

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

You have dragged your nominated associate around many bridal shops and tried on a hundred dresses until you have found the perfect one; THE dream dress! You have raided the internet and perused tons of brochures to find the perfect venue.

Guidelines For Selecting Remarkable Indianapolis Day Spa Packages

Hydrotherapy is also becoming common in most Indianapolis spa packages. This is a technique that comprises of several therapeutic methods that take advantage of the physical properties of water. These are normally pressure and temperature, and they are used to treat disease symptoms.

Information On Photo Wedding Invitations

Photo invitations are the best way to express personal styles and identity as a couple. This concept is gaining a lot of popularity amongst young couple these days. So what exactly are photo wedding i

Cute Bridal Shower Gifts

Wrapping or presenting the gift attractively can add to the overall cuteness factor.nice gift image by sumos from <a href=''></a>Shopping for a functional and cute bridal shower gift can prove to be challenging, so put some thought into it and...

Brazilian Wedding Gifts

A pair of wedding bands on top of gift boxes. image by weim from Fotolia.comWedding gifts for a Brazilian couple vary little from wedding gifts for couples in other countries, such as the United States. It is difficult to generalize Brazilian wedding gifts as the country is impossible to...