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Roast Pork with Apples

Nothing beats the combination of roast pork, apples, garlic and onions, topped with an apple-infused gravy. Find more great-tasting recipes here.

How to Melt White Chocolate for Candy Making

White chocolate is a sweet candy made from sugar, milk solids and cocoa butter. It is sweeter than milk- and dark chocolate. White chocolate can be purchased at the grocery store in either large bricks or chips. When using the chocolate for candy making, either size will work as the chocolate gets

Understanding the Threats of Eating Disorders

Gaining or losing weight highly depends upon your attitude towards food. While some people cannot eat when they have problems, there are people who just resort to eating whenever they feel lonely or tired or depressed. They indulge into food and divert their pains through chewing and scavenging insi

Basic Trifle Recipe

Here are the suggested ingredients to create your own basic trifle.


Edamame are fresh green soybeans. They make a great snack and are used in salads, soups, and stir-fries. The beans grow inside a fuzzy pod and have a sweet, nutty flavor. Edamame are easy to digest, and high in protein (1/2 cup contains 16 grams). They are also rich in vitamin A, fiber, calcium, and

Shrimp Stuffed Edam Cheese Recipe

A round of Edam cheese is stuffed with a shrimp, cherry, caper, and savory vegetable stuffing, then baked to perfection.

Restaurants in Riverdale, New York

Those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City should head to the residential neighborhood known as Riverdale, located in the upper northwest corner of The Bronx. The pace of life in New York moves a little slower in this quaint area of town, which gives you plenty of time...

How to Make a Paddy Cocktail

The paddy cocktail is closely related to both the Manhattan and old-fashioned cocktail. However, it uses Irish whiskey instead of rye whiskey which is mostly produced in Canada and the United States; it also replaces sweet French vermouth with dry Italian vermouth to produce a sharper cocktail, simi

Juicing Tips

Processed, packaged juices are often loaded with excess sugar and may contain additives or preservatives. By choosing to make your own juices, you can improve health by reducing sugar and increasing your vitamin and mineral intake from fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh juice provides a flavorful, h

Ways to Eat Cereal Without Milk

If you have loved eating cereal since you were a kid, you understand the satisfaction that comes with each refreshing spoonful of milk-drenched grain clusters. Unfortunately, many adults must eliminate dairy from their diet, seemingly ending their affair with cereal. According to Dr. Barry Starr of

Why not try an online shisha shop in Australia?

If you find it really fund smoking shisha then it is always better that you go and buy it. As more and more people are quitting smoking cigarettes, sale for hookah and shisha is touching new heights."

Sesame Tahini Ginger Sauce Recipe

This easy recipe for sesame tahini ginger sauce is very easy to make and incredibly versatile. We love it on salads, steamed rice, broccoli, kale, tofu and even fish.

How to Lose Weight with White Tea

Green Tea has been in the news for a while now, because of its dieting and weight loss benefits, but Green Tea may soon take a back seat to White Tea. Can drinking White Tea really help you lose weight? Recent scientific research suggests that drinking White Tea not only can help you lose weight- y

How to Caramelize Brown Sugar

Caramelizing brown sugar is a technique used by many cooks and chefs to give sugar a different texture, taste and smell for certain recipes from breakfast dishes to dinner dishes along with a wide variety of treats and snacks. There are many uses for caramelized sugar such as to cover apples during

Mediterranean DishesTwo Of The Best!

It is a common misconception that the taste of food items has to be somewhat sacrificed upon, when you are looking to eat healthy. However, if you are a fan of Mediterranean food, you are probably aware that this belief is, not at all, accurate. In what follows, readers will be acquainted with two y