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Retail POS- A one stop solution to your business

With the introduction of new technology in retail sector there is a very tough competition among the businesses across the world. Not only the competition but the customer expectations has also increa

Software Cost Estimating Methods

Software projects often fail because of cost overruns during the development phase. Software cost estimation is an important part of the project management process for these types of projects. The goal of software cost estimation is to fully quantify the costs of all aspects of software development

How to Check a Compact Flash Disk

Compact Flash (CF) cards are portable devices used for storage in portable devices, typically cameras and personal digital assistants (PDAs). CF cards come in many different sizes, currently up to 32 GB. In addition to their use in handheld devices, CF cards can also be used in as other storage devi


Define .MBOX - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

Best Android App Development - Capture The Android Apps Market

Android Mobiles come back from the house of Google that adds up to the choices that you simply have to be compelled to make a choice from within the market. Similarly, android application development provides several choices for making applications that are sure to create a positive impact on your b

Linkedin Offers New Features

Attention LinkedIn fans! LinkedIn will be soon rolling out two new features for company pages, “Targeted Updates” and “Follower Statistics.” The professional networking site is expanding as it is now allowing companies to target key demographics.

Create Magento Ecommerce Business Friendly Websites

Magento is a robust ecommerce platform for the business owner who can afford their own website. It is a feature rich ecommerce solution which is helpful in creating business friendly websites.

How to Autofill Dates in MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is a program that many businesses use to create spreadsheets. Spreadsheets can be tedious to set up if you have to enter a large list of dates. Microsoft Excel's Auto Fill feature makes it easy to insert a series of dates into a worksheet.

Software Testing Training and certification

In order to find a viable trainer in software testing and training programs, it is advisable to look for only the reputed providers. Acquiring certification, as a tester is one of the best achievement

How to Remove a Formula or Program in an Excel Spreadsheet

Excel is the spreadsheet software included in the Microsoft Office Suite of productivity software. A spreadsheet stores and manipulates data based upon a series of tables with data points placed in individual cells. Excel allows users to manipulate the data through a series of built-in functions, cu

Windows 7, a Bold New Step Forward For Microsoft?

Windows 7, is it a bold new step forward for Microsoft, or an incremental improvement over previous operating systems?Could Windows 7 even be a step backwards? Microsoft already has two precedents for this: Windows ME and Windows Vista.

Key Tips In Making Photoshop Selections

Vector graphics consist of discrete objects which can be selected and manipulated independently of the rest of the drawing. By contrast, a Photoshop image is one continuous whole consisting of a matrix of pixels. Making selections in a bitmapped image is therefore much more complex and difficult tha

How to Decrease Rounding in Excel

Microsoft Excel 2010 is a spreadsheet program consisting of a set of cells where you can enter text and numbers, then use those cells with Excel functions to alter the data in some way. One of those functions is the ROUND function, which will round a number up or down to a number of decimal places t

How to Convert the FLAC to MP3 Format

According to, FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. Put simply, audio contained in a FLAC file is compressed to save disc space with minimal loss of quality. The main drawback with FLAC files is their large size compared to MP3. There are many free programs to convert FLAC to