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How to Use a Recovery Console Tool

The Recovery Console is a tool in Windows XP that lets you make changes to your operating system without having to boot it up. This is particularly useful for when you need to make repairs to the operating system but can't get it to start properly.

How to Stop a C000021A Fatal System Error With a Blue Screen

The C0000021A is a critical system error that will prevent Windows from loading. This error is unique to Windows XP and occurs when the Norton GoBack software is installed by itself or as part of a Norton Security Suite. Although the restart loop caused by the presence of the error can be agitating,

How to Remove a Program From the Uninstall List in Vista

Sometimes uninstalling a program does not remove it from the installed program list on your Windows Vista PC. Although this does not adversely affect the computer, you may find it annoying to see the program listed. Third-party applications can remove the program remnants from your computer, but you

Basement Bedroom Window Requirements

Egress windows are required in all bedrooms for safety exit image by Vonora from Fotolia.comConverting your basement into added living space can be a difficult process. Typically, you will be required to convert the small, stock windows of your basement to egress windows to...

How to Remove the Skype Taskbar

If you have Skype installed on a computer that's connected to the Internet, you can make phone calls, send text messages, connect to video chats, access voice mail, send instant messages and much more. By default, Skype places an icon in the Windows taskbar during the installation process. If you do

How to Install SharePoint Services 3.0 on a Windows 2003 Web Server

Microsoft SharePoint Services provide website management, customization and library capabilities to a Windows Web Server. A system running Windows 2003 Web Server technologies like Internet Information Server is capable of supporting SharePoint Services. SharePoint adds the capability to manage cont

How to Put Programs in Startup on XP

Make your computer work for you by having it open programs you use all the time each time the computer starts. You might not always remember to turn on an antiviral program on your own, but if such a program runs automatically, your computer will always be protected. To facilitate this customization

How to Disable Run in the Task Manager

In addition to the ability to launch command-line applications, Run allows quick and immediate access to virtually everything on your computer. Disabling Run helps prevent unauthorized users from accessing system and security-based applications. While disabling the task manager all together would pr

How to Change What Happens When Your Phone Is Synced

When you connect your cell phone, PDA or organizer to your computer using its USB data cable, Windows automatically opens "Windows Mobile Device Center" to allow you to synchronize the device with various data on your computer. For example, you may regularly synchronize your contacts or a folder con

How to Remove a User File From Windows Vista

Operating system support for multiple user accounts enables users to run a computer under a different set of permissions for specific activity types, such as a user account for daily activities, which helps block malware attacks that are more likely to succeed when an Administrator account is logged

How to Install .zip Files

A file ending in .zip is a compressed folder. The file contains an archived copy of a file. Zip files are not executable on their own, so you can't directly install a program from a zip file. However, if you extract the contents of a zip file, you can install any of the zip file's executable program

My Ghost Disaster Recovery Disc Doesn't Boot From a USB

If your computer crashes completely, you have no other option but to reinstall your operating system and every other program you had previously installed. However, if you use a backup program, like Ghost Disaster Recovery, you can simply boot from a USB disc and the program will automatically. If yo

How to Troubleshoot a Windows Me IRQ Conflict

Interrupt Request (IRQ) settings on a Windows ME computer designate the channel on which a device runs. Only one channel can be used per device, or the computer displays an error. IRQ conflicts cause the devices that are on the same channel to fail. Troubleshooting an IRQ conflict involves viewing t

How Do I Install an Atheros Wireless Driver on a Toshiba Laptop?

Some Toshiba laptops with wireless networking cards require the Atheros Wireless LAN driver to connect to wireless networks. If you have to reinstall your operating system, the installation process may not install this driver by default. You may also need to reinstall the driver if you have problems

How to Uninstall Mirar Programs

Mirar programs are adware programs that secretly install on your computer when the Internet Explorer toolbar is installed. A Mirar program infects your computer with pop-up advertisements and other unwanted files. Since Mirar programs are hidden, the best way to remove them is with uninstaller softw

How to Configure NetMeeting With XP

NetMeeting with Windows XP is hidden until you configure it on your computer. You do not have to install it as it is already installed; you only have to configure it before you can use it. You can use NetMeeting for conference calls, virtual meetings, to share applications and data and share live vi

How to Install IIS in the Windows XP Home Version

Internet Information Services (IIS) provides your network with web services. You can host websites, file upload and download services, and intranet pages on your network using IIS. Users with local desktop operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP install IIS to test these web applications befo

How to Uninstall a Corrupted Installation of Windows XP

Operating systems, like Windows XP, don't work like other software. You can upgrade versions of Windows, but you can never uninstall it, since the program is the core of your system. If your Windows XP installation has become corrupted, you can try to repair it with Windows Setup or you can remove i

How to Stop a Ping Hack

Pinging a computer is done through the command prompt on a Windows-based computer. This is used to send packets to a computer in order to verify that the system is on a specific network. Hackers can use this to get into unsuspecting computers. If you would like to stop a ping attack on your system,