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What Makes a Computer Run Slower?

A computer may slow down for a number of reasons including outdated drivers, a resource-hungry software program, limited hard drive space, and overheating. Installing updates and freeing up hard drive space often solves the problem.

How to Reboot a PC Automatically

When a computer is left on for long periods of time without a shutdown, its performance can begin to degrade. Rebooting the computer helps with performance issues. Normally, it is up to the user to manually reboot the computer. It is possible, however, for a user to set up the computer to automatica

How to Restore NTFS Hard Drive After Linux Installation

NTFS (new technology file system) is the file system of choice for modern Windows operating systems like XP, Vista and 7, but is not a favored file system for a Linux computer. Restoring your hard drive to NTFS status is necessary after removing Linux from your computer, enabling your PC to be able

Toshiba Satellite A60 Specs

Toshiba's A60 Satellite line has multiple laptops.thin laptops image by .shock from Fotolia.comThe Toshiba Satellite A60 series is a group of laptop computers. With different models in the lineup, many have different specifications regarding the hardware and software that comes standard...

Tips on Buying Cheaper Computer Parts

If your computer seems to be crashing frequently or being too slow then you should be preparing to buy certain computer parts either online or in a store in your locality. Although it might not ...

Best Cheap Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 Series 064653U 15.6-Inch Laptop

The Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 Series 064653U 15.6-Inch Laptop can automatically adapt its performance to your needs, thanks to the Intel Core i5-460QM processor with Intel Turbo Boost Technology. This multimedia notebook also comes with OneKey ...

Can I Restore a Deleted Program Using the DOS Prompt?

In Windows versions 95, 98 and ME, an MS-DOS utility called "undelete" could be run from the Command Prompt to display information about recently deleted program files (including those "emptied" from the Recycle Bin) and restore them. This utility was also available in MS-DOS versions 5 and 6. Howev

A evaluation of New Apple pc version MC721LLA

In this article, I am going to stroll you through a evaluation of Apple MacBook Pro MC721LLA fifteen.Four-Inch pc and also let you understand whether this Apple pc is one that you may wish to ...

How to Remove an eMachines 5400 Keyboard

Notebook keyboards such as those on the eMachines 5400 are very vulnerable to debris and other contaminants. So, if your keyboard is beginning to work incorrectly, it may be desirable to remove it and replace it with a new one.

The Kindle vs. the Kindle 2

The original Amazon Kindle e-book reader was released in 2007 and was eventually followed by the Kindle 2 in 2009. While both devices were designed to display Amazon e-books, a number of changes were made between the two generations. While some changes seemed purely cosmetic, others were designed to

Specs on the ASUS Eee 1000HD

The Asus Eee 1000HD computer is compatible with both Microsoft and GNU operating systems. It has an Intel processor and uses DDR RAM technology. The computer offers adequate storage and video abilities to run most computer applications.

Are Flashdrives Easy to Damage in a Suitcase?

Ensuring the safety of your USB flash drive also ensures the safety of often irreplaceable data. While most USB drives are resilient enough to handle being transported in a suitcase, there are some factors that could lead to damage.

Recommendations About How To Spy On A Mobile

Essentially, Smartphone Spy software is installed on a target device then using a web based account monitored activity is made available.Anyone required to keep ahead of technology for Parental Monitoring, or Workforce Monitoring, or People serious about the truth with regards to relationships and/o

Video: Terminating the Spotlight Process on a Mac

Video Transcript Hello, I'm Omar, and I'm a programmer. Today, I'm going to show you how to terminate the spotlight process on a Mac. The reason why you might terminate the spotlight process on the Mac is probably because the spotlight maybe it's frozen, or using too much memory or...

How to Recover an Active Partition in Vista

An active, or live, partition in your Windows Vista computer is a partition that is being used by the operating system to host files. Repairing and recovering an active partition is necessary when it has become corrupt due to disk errors or hardware failure. Accomplish this by using the disk repair

How Do I Install DDR2 RAM on My Laptop?

DDR2 RAM is common type of memory module for laptops. Installing more memory of this type is recommended when your system seems to be unresponsive or experiencing a lot of crashes. Refer to the system's user manual for specific directions as to the type and amount of memory needed. The entire proces

Animal-Friendly iPad Cases From Happy Owl Studio

Happy Owl Studio has created iPad cases manufactured out of premium animal-friendly artificial leather and are crafted for perfection. I assure you that PETA will never picket in front of their office!

How to Turn Your PC Into a Piano Keyboard

Since the birth of computers, people have attempted to make music with them. Pianos keyboards influenced the birth of musical synthesizers. You can make music on computers without having any actual instruments. With the help of a simple computer program and standard computer keyboard any person can

How to Unzip Software for Linux

Zipping and unzipping files is typically aquainted with Microsoft Windows; however, zipping and unzipping files in Linux is just as simple and efficient. Most Linux distributions come with the ability to zip and unzip files, folders or anything else right out of the box (or off the CD/DVD). In actua