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Colon Cancer Survival Rate - Knowing Your Survival Chances

Upon learning about colorectal cancer and becoming diagnosed with it, the first thing that probably popped out of your mind is your colon cancer survival rate. Your chances of surviving this cancer may depend upon a few variables including the stage of the cancer, the treatment plan, the extent of l

The Art of Surviving and Thriving After Breast Cancer

In today world of positive approaches to disease The Art of Surviving and Thriving after Breast Cancer takes a realistic look at what it takes to acknowledge the steps on the journey - developing the art of surviving and thriving.The article explores the aspects of the impact of diagnosis, treatment

Tips And Strategies On The Way To Manage Cancerous Cells

Even though you receive yearly verify-ups and screenings and do not possess a history of many forms of cancer in your family members, it is actually nevertheless probable that cancer tissues can form in the body and distribute and increase. Unless you know concerning how to reduce or take care of th

Prostate Cancer Prevention - Strategies You Can Implement

It should be a priority for you to protect your body against prostate cancer. You may think that it is all genetically related but studies show a man can significantly reduce his risk. Having positive lifestyle choices is the best place to start. If you smoke or drink you need to modify those habits

Cancer Sniffing Dogs?

Yes, there are dogs that can detect cancer...some better than more sophisticated equipment. Lung cancer was the first to be tested, as it is done by breath samples and there's a direct connection, so to speak. Dogs can detect it by breath at a ninety-nine percent rate. Breast cancer can be dete

12 Cancer-Causing 'Elements' Found In Our Home!

Cancer-causing elements found in our home?Quite unbelievable at first, but when one reads on, you will know that most of them are found in our own home.Yes, we are exposed to a lot of cancer-causing elements.Try to minimize the exposure of these common things found in our home.Try to avoid if possib

Breast Cancer Prevention - Use a Holistic Approach

Balancing a healthy lifestyle with healthy choices is key in all cancer prevention. According to the American Cancer Society, a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes. There are many things you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a statistic.

Gene-Expression Profiling

Current advances in gene-expression profiling and its potential role as a diagnostic and prognostic/predictive biomarker in lung cancer are reviewed in this article.

What Does Radiation Therapy For Localized Prostate Cancer Involve?

One common form of treatment today for localized prostate cancer is radiation therapy which uses high energy x-rays to kill cancer cells. These x-rays can either be delivered using an external radiation beam or by implanting radiation 'seeds' into the prostate gland. External beam radiatio

How to Detect Early Warning Signs of Sinus Cancer

It's always best to find and diagnose cancer in its earliest stages and the same holds true for sinus cancer. Know the early warning signs of sinus cancer to detect it early. Talk to a doctor if you experience symptoms of sinus cancer and give yourself the best possible chance for a cancer-free futu

Can Cancer Be Detected in a Basic CBC Blood Test?

A CBC (complete blood count) test is a series of tests that examines the health of various blood components. The test has many diagnostic purposes. It does not directly detect the presence of cancer in the body, but a CBC test can reveal blood abnormalities that may indicate the presence of certain

Order Anticonvulsant Medicine Online

Neurontin is a solution used to help certain sorts of nerve agony. Neurontin is additionally used to treat partial seizures when brought in mix with different prescriptions. Neurontin is accessible as containers, tablets, and an ...