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Sales Tax Deduction on Income Taxes

When computing your income taxes, one deduction you might be able to claim are sales taxes paid. Deductible sales taxes include both state sales taxes and local sales taxes. Knowing your options for figuring the sales tax deduction amount and how to report it can help you minimize your income tax li

The Statute of Limitations for an IRS Notice of Levy on Wages

If you receive an IRS notice of levy on your wages, your employer is legally required to forward a portion of your paycheck to the IRS. The only statute that applies to the levy is the regular IRS statute for collecting past due balances; however you can still get the wage levy released, even after

What Is Satire and What Makes It an Effective Form of Criticism?

Satire combines criticism with humor to comment on the current state of affairs. Satire is comedy with a purpose -- the purpose of pointing out absurdities in the world in a way that people will pay attention and possibly act on their knowledge. Satire can be highly influential on people and get the

How is Taxing Students Fair?

The UK is clamping down on foreign emigrants by tightening their tax laws. According to new proposals, foreign students can be taxed on their UK earnings, as well as their earnings in their home countries. They can also be taxed on items bought in the home countries and face additional taxation if t

How to Deduct Taxes on Schedule C, Line 23

This article explains the ins and outs of Schedule C, Line 23. It is labeled "Taxes and licenses", but this article will focus on just taxes. Sole Proprietors are entitled to deduct certain types of taxes they incur in their business, so it's important that you know what types of taxe

What Paperwork Do I Need to Donate My Vehicle in Massachusetts?

Donating your car is a wonderful way to give to a worthy charity, and you may even get a tax deduction in the process. The only document you need to donate your vehicle to charity in Massachusetts is the vehicle's title, although a few other documents are needed to satisfy any potential Internal Rev

What Papers to Keep for Tax Returns & for How Long?

The tax filing form is not the only document you must forms image by Chad McDermott from Fotolia.comTempting as it may be to celebrate meeting the tax-filing deadline with a mass bonfire, you need to keep some records safe for future reference. The time you should keep each...

How to Attain a Massachusetts Tax ID Number

Businesses must register with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue if they are hiring employees, creating a pension plan, selling or renting taxable items, serving meals or beverages or operating any business where use taxes are paid. In order to register with the Massachusetts DOR, you must have

Contribute in the Development of Nation by Filing Income Tax Return

It is possible for us to serve our nation by filing income tax return. The amount is used for the development of the nation and its residents. It can be filed easily by e-filing system, in which you have to file the tax on Internet or you can also use the traditional method also.

I Live in Florida & Worked in Iowa, Where Do I File for Unemployment?

For eligible claimants, unemployment insurance benefits can help an out-of-work person pay the bills while looking for a job. When a claimant lives in Florida, but earned wages during the period of time used to compute unemployment insurance benefits in Iowa, the question of where to file a claim ma

Taxes & Travel Expenses

Tax law allows the deduction of certain business expenses that are ordinary and necessary to carry out a trade or business. Expenses associated with business travel away from home can often be deducted on your tax return.

How to Find How Much I Owe for Property Taxes in Michigan

Property owners pay property tax that is based on the value of their property. Property taxed by the state of Michigan includes land and improvements to land such as a home, building or parking lot. The municipality in which the property lies assesses the monetary value of the property at regular in

Reasons You Won't Get Your Tax Refund

The Internal Revenue Service offers taxpayers three methods for the receipt of income tax refunds and promises delivery of refunds within six weeks from the date your accurate return is received. Electronic returns are processed more quickly. Amended returns take longer. If you have filed a tax retu

How to Track an Income Tax Refund Check

Where's My Refund is a free online tool available from the Internal Revenue Service that allows you to track the status of your federal income tax refund check. The website allows you to get up-to-date information about your tax refund approximately 72 hours after the IRS acknowledges receipt of yo

Online Taxes Important Knowledge Base

I am sure your quest for online taxes has come to an end as you read this article. Yes, gone are those days when we have to search endlessly for online taxes information or other such information like Boston tea party, taxes, tax appraisal or even taxes state income tax. Even without articles such a

Contribution Strategies for Self Managed Super

From just a few years ago, we have moved from a situation where we had almost unlimited amounts of money that could have been contributed to your SMSF but with potential tax issues on the end benefits, over now to a system where there is no tax on your end benefits (over age 60) but with significant

What Can You Write Off for Your Taxes?

To "write off" an item on your tax returns means to claim it as a deduction. A variety of items can be written off that can increase the amount of money you get back or decrease the amount of money you have to pay. When in doubt, hire a tax professional. The investment may be worth the additional mo

How to Calculate Your Yearly Income After Taxes

The best way to calculate your yearly income after tax is to use an online salary calculator. This tool will let you plug in your information and figure out for you the total amount of income that you have generated throughout the year after taxes have been taken out. This can be a great tool to use

What's New for 2006 Form 1040EZ?

The 1040EZ form has been around for quite a while and each year the form is available to help people file their taxes it does change somewhat from year to year. The form 1040EZ does have some new directions for 2006 and the following information will be very helpful for those filing their 1040 EZ.