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Will the New Credit Card Laws Benefit You Or Hurt You?

This article talks a little about the new credit card laws the government is working on and how they will affect you. By changing the laws, the credit card companies will lose their ability to make some money on fees, but will the credit card companies go other places to make the money.

Credit Card Debt -How to Legally Never Payback Your Credit Card Debt

When your credit is first established, it is like a shiny new penny, perfect t and ready to be spent.However, over time and circumstances, like the penny, the new wears off.There may come a point that you are, due to your financial situation, you may even be unable to make the payments on time or at

Bad Credit Repair - Don't Start it When You're Left With No Other Options

Bad credit repair is not always essential, but even if you have a decent credit score, there'll always be something or the other that needs to be fixed on your credit report. If you frequently look at the credit report and carefully consider the validity of each item on your report, you underst

How To Select Your Gift Giving Credit Cards

Gift giving credit cards can truly take away the hassle of looking for a gift. A gift card would especially be appropriate if you are not very familiar with your recipient.

Reputable Credit Counseling Services - Which One?

Deciding that you should find a credit counseling service in order to deal with your debt is a great first step towards becoming debt-free. However, many companies offer these services and it can be stressful to find the one that best meets your needs.

What Is the Process for Charging Back Credit Cards?

When you are dissatisfied with a purchase, options are to return the merchandise to the store or suffer buyer's remorse. However, a third option may be to request your credit card company resolve the situation on your behalf.

Things to Do and Not to Do When Disputing Your Credit

When you are disputing a credit report it is the part where the bureau should fix it takes a while. In this present day most of the credit bureau's have online services which you can file your dispute to and you will get a response within just a couple days. But when you are doing this there ar

How Can I Shop for the Best Deal on a Credit or Charge Card?

It is important to know you are getting the best deal on your credit card. Take the time to shop around and find the best deal. Remember, it is not all about a low interest rate when you choose your credit card. You'll also want to know about the extra benefits you'll receive for owning a credit car

How to Apply for Multiple Credit Cards

Applying for credit cards is something you can do online with the majority of credit card issuers. Additionally, you may receive instant approval depending on the card issuer. Applying for multiple cards within a short amount of time is not recommended as it can raise red flags with the card issuer

Techniques to Saving and Raising Your Credit Score

Repairing your credit history is something you CAN do! Your credit history and associated credit score are one of the most important tools you have to building personal wealth. Repairing credit reports is not magic, nor is it complicated.

Credit Cards That Help Build Your Credit Score

Check your credit report at least once a 3d sign image by from Fotolia.comObtaining a traditional credit card is difficult if you have a low credit score. Consumers in this situation may turn to pre-paid credit cards, which is a card with a Visa or...

Gulf Platinum MasterCard Review

The Gulf Platinum MasterCard lets you earn 3% back on gasoline purchases at Gulf stations with no annual fee.

Consumer Protection Laws for Credit Cards

Several laws exist that give consumers ample protection against credit card companies and unfair debt collection practices. These laws require credit card companies to deal transparently with consumers and making it illegal for them to engage in practices that seek to hide fees and trap card holders

Avoid Costly Bank Fees by Using a Green Dot Card

As credit card companies continue to add on fees and raise their interest rates, more consumers are turning away from credit. Opting to use cash or checks in lieu of credit can impact your finances positively, but doing so also prevents you from enjoying the convenience that only credit can offer. F

The Advantages of A PDQ Machine

A PDQ machine is used to process the debit and credit cards. This technology has become popular for a past few years.