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How to Make a Silicone 2-Piece Candle Mold

Candles are a popular decorative and functional item. They come in many shapes and sizes to suit different personal and aesthetic needs. Home furnishings and design centers carry a wide variety of candles, but they can be expensive. However, you can reproduce a favorite candle using basic molding te

How to Make Rain Sound Effects With Foley

The Foley method of making sound effects was first used to produce authentic-sounding additions for radio programs and live performances. The sounds typically included smashing windows, barking dogs, thunder, hooting owls, gurgles, bubbles, moans, groans and falling rain. Sounds such as firearms wer

What Are Anchor Cords in Macrame?

The term "macrame" refers to the craft of tying knots in lengths of string or any other cord to create intricate, sometimes lacy patterns in items that range from pieces of jewelry to accessories such as belts, plant pot holders or even lampshades. As knots are tied along cords of varying lengths, t

Rattlesnakes In Massachusetts

The timber rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) is the only rattlesnake native to Massachusetts. The last fatality caused by this venomous snake in Massachusetts occurred in 1791, notes the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. Left alone, the timber rattler is a harmless reptile that feeds u

Cool Valentine Box Ideas for Kids

Each February 14th, elementary school students exchange small cards and candy in a celebration of this special day. While some classrooms set aside time to create Valentine's Day boxes, some are created at home. Whichever the case, kids will enjoy making cool boxes to showcase their cards and treats

How to Make a Lantern From a Picture Frame

Lanterns emit a lovely light similar to that of old fashioned lanterns used hundreds of years ago. If you want to create a simple lantern, you can make one out of only a few materials, such as wooden picture frames. Even though wooden picture frames are traditionally used to hold photographs, you ca

What Are Foamies?

Foamies help kids flex their creative muscles.craft a card! image by Shirley Hirst from Fotolia.comFoamies are a spongy, versatile type of crafting material, especially useful for kids' projects and artwork. Depending on the size and type you choose, Foamies work well for making magnets,...

How to Care for Seashells That I Found on the Beach

One of the pleasures of walking along the beach is observing the variety of seashells in all colors, shapes and sizes. You never know the day you'll find a seashell or two you'll want to bring home to start (or embellish) a personal collection. Enjoying your seashells over time requires proper clean

How to Buy a Camera Online

Online research allows camera buyers to compare manufacturers, check sales, read reviews and avoid persistent sales pitches. While selecting the right camera for image quality and applications is key, choosing a trustworthy online retailer requires the same care to ensure a fair deal and customer sa

How to Use Gold Paint

Gold paint has a multitude of uses in crafting. A touch of gold paint on a piece of wood can make a dull piece look refined. With some burnishing, a gold finish can make a crafted piece look older or antique. Gold paint can tarnish over time, so it's important to put a finish coat of lacquer over it

How to Make a Bald Cap at Home

A bald cap can come in handy on a number of occasions, mostly centering on dressing up in a costume. If you are not willing to go that extra mile and shave your head, a homemade bald cap can do the trick. A bald cap is a flesh-colored, skin-textured cap that gives the appearance of a bald head. Late

How to Make a Bracelet of Recycled Records

Old vinyl records can find new uses as jewelry. When heated, the vinyl can be cut and reshaped into bracelets. Since melting vinyl can release toxic fumes, use a dedicated craft oven for this project and work in a well-ventilated area. For variety, look for colored vinyl records or punch a hole in t

The Theory of the Evolution of Sharks

Evolutionarily speaking, sharks are one of the oldest living organisms on the planet. It has been extremely difficult to identify the exact evolutionary path of the shark, because shark bones are made of cartilage and do not fossilize as easily as harder, calcium-based bones. This means sharks are h

How to Make a Cup Sleeve

Cup sleeves are simple craft projects that help you be more environmentally friendly. Rather than use a new cardboard sleeve every time you order a latte, you can make your own reusable cup sleeve quickly and inexpensively. Once you know how to make a basic sleeve, you can personalize the sleeve to

How to Sew a Flounce

To flounce means to bounce, prance and swish. This is where the term flounce as used in fashion and design comes from; a flounce is a piece of fabric sewn onto the hem of a dress or skirt that creates a subtle ruffle that waves and bounces when one walks. You might want to sew your own flounce to to

How to Make Yarn Necklaces

Use your creativity to make a fashionable necklace from remnant pieces of yarn from your knitting or crocheting projects. Add some beads or other charms and pendants to the length of the yarn, and tie the ends together with a shawl pin. For a natural looking necklace, replace the bead and charm embe

How to Make a Drinking Straw Heart Hairpin

If you enjoy putting decorative hairpins and hair ties in your child's hair, you may purchase custom hairpins at a specialty shop. However, custom hairpins can be very costly, and you may not always find the exact style of hairpin you are looking for. Instead of buying premade hairpins, make your ow

Aztec Sun Crafts

Aztecs created a meaningful history represented in their artistic creations such as pottery, sculpture, mask making and carvings. While most Aztec art had a religious purpose, some of it, such as pottery, was more utilitarian. The Aztec sun took many forms. Perhaps the most well-known representation

How to Make a Foam Fabric Covered Sword

A foam-and-fabric sword is great for role playing and children's play. It is sturdy enough to jump around with and hit another foam-and-fabric sword, but it is soft enough to not injure any of the players. You can make the fabric sleeve in any color or design you want to represent yourself. This pro