Putting Video on Your Website - Here Are 10 Simple Tips When Doing It

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There are many site owners that want to put videos on their stie to better promote their products and services but have no clue how.
I'm here to let you know that it can be done easily.
If you know how to record a home movie you will most likel be able to put a video on your website.
The first thing that I must tell you is that you should not be intimadated by the camera.
When selling something, the presenter needs to be heard clearly and be informative yet entertaining to the viewer.
Now, get out whatever it is you are going to use to record your video and shoot your video.
Here are some fairly simple things that you can do to make this process easier and more effective.
Make sure that people can understand exactly what you are saying and what your purpose is.
Your lighting is very important.
Make sure that everything in your video can be easily seen.
Use a quality microphone that will make you sound clear.
Many cameras will allow you to attach a microphone from the camera to your clothing.
If you are using this type of set up, make sure that the wire that is connecting you to the camera is hidden.
Enjoy yourself! If you look like you are having fun, your viewer will feel that.
That's why you should smile and look like you are enjoying yourself in your videos.
Doing this will better your chances of making a sell.
Try not to use huge words in your video.
Try to make it where anyone can understand it.
After you record your video, be sure to review it a couple of times.
You need to make sure that your video is something that you will be comfortable with being on your site.
It's time to put you video on your computer.
Your recording device will have instructions on how to do this.
If you want you can use fairly expensive complicated and expensive editing software.
But this can put a big dent in your wallet and take up a lot of your time.
If you are using a PC I would recommend using Windows Movie Maker and if you are using a Mac you can use IMovie to edit your movie clips.
You do not need to use a whole bunch of effects to make your video appealing.
Keep the video about you and your product(s).
Once your movie is done being edited, you will need to output it to a web file.
Output the file to a WAV file if using a PC.
If on a Mac you will want to output it to a .
MOV file.
Upload it to your website.
You can upload it to Youtune if you do not have enough server space.
Uploading your video to YouTube is super easy to do.
Doing this will allow you to enbed the video code on your site as well as get more viewers to see your video.
All you will have to do is some simple cutting and pasting to your desired HTML page.
Promote the heck out of your video.
You can put your video link in your newsletters.
You can also send your video to your family, friends and peers.
You can encourage them to pass your video on to others.
After a short while, you will notice that you are getting more traffic to your site and even more sales.
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