College Application Essay

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It is submitted along with the other essential documents.
It is the first step of determining an applicant's admission in the institution where he has applied.
During the interview the applicant is asked many questions based on the information he has provided in this piece of writing.
So it should be an honest account of the applicant's life.
The main aim of this piece of writing is to gather as much information about the applicant as possible.
So the applicant should present clear information in simple and logical manner.
The applicants dread attempting these kinds of writings.
But they cannot escapeit if they want admission in an institution of their choice.
The best way to get out of this phobia is to consider it as an opportunity to let others know about your achievements.
You should be very honest about all the facts you are writing about yourself.
Don't think that you can get away with anything that you write.
There will many cross questionings at the time of interview and that too not by one person but by a panel of experienced interviewers.
Use a very simple language.
Present all the ideas in a logical and consistent way.
Don't repeat a point just to increase the number of words.
The evaluators are experts in identifying these gimmicks.
If you have too many points to write and the word limit would not permit you to do so then either cut short the number of points or give all the information in brief.
You should divide your work into three parts.
These are - the introduction, the body and the conclusion.
The introduction presents the most important information that your writing is going to convey.
The body should present all the secondary information in separate paragraphs.
The conclusion should be a summary of all that has been written.
All the parts of the written work should be given equal importance.
The introduction sets the tone of the essay so it should be up to the mark.
The body makes your work impressive because it consists of the largest part of your piece of writing.
So you cannot comprise with its quality.
The conclusion binds all your information and brings an end to your work so it should have a lasting impression.
Always plan these three parts according to the word limit given to you.
Revise what you have written after finishing your work.
After you have written the essay and revised it, leave it aside for a few days or at least a couple of hours.
Then read it once again.
This method would enable you to correct your mistakes more accurately.
Pretend to be a reader and not a writer of what you have written.
Read the piece aloud.
Edit all the redundant or irrelevant information.
Correct the grammatical errors if any.
Rephrase the sentences, which are not sounding good after you have read them aloud.
College application essay has a great role to play in deciding your future, so write it with dedication and passion.
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