Church Web Design - Common Mistakes to Avoid

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Many churches today are realizing how effective and helpful a good church website can be.
However, many churches do not make the most of their websites because of bad design problems.
No doubt, if you're spending the time and money on website creation for your church, you want to have a site that provides good results.
Many mistakes are made along the way with church web design that make websites less than effective.
Here is a look at some of the most common mistakes made that you want to avoid so you can enjoy a quality website for your church.
Mistake #1 - Only Presenting Your Church One of the big mistakes that many people make with their church web design is only presenting the church on the site.
Instead of making the site a useful destination for their visitors, they only focus on the presentation of the church.
While presenting the mission and vision of the church should definitely be a part of your church's website, it should not be the only or even the most important element of the site.
People like to know what is happening, not just what the church stands for.
Keep this in mind and you'll be able to avoid this mistake so you can create a site that is user friendly.
Mistake #2 - Using Themes That Aren't Relevant Another important mistake to avoid when it comes to church web design is using themes for your site that aren't relevant.
Many churches go with a theme that is highly artistic and beautiful.
While a nice theme is great, some of these themes may not provide the clear and open feel that your site really needs.
It's easy to choose a theme that looks great but many people will not understand or recognize what you are trying to accomplish with the theme.
Going with a simple theme that is open and easy to use will be better received by users.
Mistake #3 - Limited Information Only offering limited information on your website is another big mistake that you want to avoid with your church web design.
Often this occurs because the person designing the site doesn't have a grasp for all the ministries that the church has to offer.
The website created should represent all of the ministries that are offered by the church.
Make sure you accomplish this by starting out with a list of all the activities and ministries that are offered.
Then, make sure you touch on all of these aspects online.
Mistake #4 - Failing to Update the Website Probably one of the biggest mistakes made on church websites is failing to update the website.
No one wants to visit a website where they find that the information is totally out of date.
Don't simply work on church web design once and think that you are done.
You'll need to continually update the site with more information.
Users are impressed with websites that are updated on a regular basis, since this shows them that new things are going on within your church.
Add new pictures, information on new ministries, and other important information on a regular basis to keep your website up to date.
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