How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Newsletter

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An email marketing newsletter is a simple, effective and low cost way to establish and maintain a strong bond with your customers.
Email marketing newsletters are also a great way to cultivate new customers.
Here are a few tips and techniques for creating a newsletter that will increase both customer goodwill and produce sales for your UK business.
It's a Newsletter, not a Gossip Column While you might think all the goings-on in your company are fascinating, the average customer is likely to be bored with company or personnel news.
On the other hand, a newsletter is a great place to announce a new product or service that directly impacts customers.
Some customers might appreciate hearing about sales trends and industry trends, as long as the information is presented in the form of short, non-technical tips or bullets.
Be Proactive The newsletter in your email campaign should offer advice and tips for product use and care.
It should also help customers identify and solve problems.
"How to" articles are also popular because they add value to your products.
Build a library of articles for the newsletter that your customers will find informative and useful.
Cite Positive Examples With permission, include articles or profiles of customers who are getting the most from your products.
There's nothing more persuasive than a testimonial from a satisfied customer.
On the business side, it might be nice to feature low-key articles on your industry.
Keep it simple, non-technical and jargon-free.
The goal is place your business in a positive industry context and for customers to see you as a leader.
Email campaigns are great vehicles for this.
Solicit a Response Customers love to give their opinions of products and enjoy participating in polls, so be sure to include these in your newsletter.
You could, for example, include a link to a site where customers can answer a brief questionnaire.
Be sure to publish the results in a later issue.
Make it Fun Customers should look forward to receiving the newsletter and should never think that they're part of an email marketing targeted campaign.
Relevant humorous cartoons and stories and links to interesting and relevant web sites all have their place.
You might even want to run a fun contest or light hearted competition.
With a little thought and planning an email marketing newsletter can become an integral part of the overall plan for your UK business.
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