How to Install a Window Motor in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

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    • 1). Disconnect the battery by turning the positive terminal bolt counterclockwise, placing the terminal away from the battery.

    • 2). Remove the switch assembly in the door panel by prying up one side with a screwdriver and pulling the assembly out. Disconnect the wiring harness from the assembly by pulling the adapter plug apart.

    • 3). Remove the door panel by turning the arm rest bolts and interior door handle screws counterclockwise, then pulling the panel free of the plastic pop rivets that pin it to the door metal. These rivets are usually brittle and some may require replacement. Start at a corner of the panel and tug firmly until the rivets comes free. Work around the panel until all rivets have been disengaged. Set the panel aside, away from the work area.

    • 4). Remove the window motor by disconnecting it from the wiring harness and turning the mount bolts counterclockwise. The motor will come away form the window regulator gears and can be taken from the door. Position the new motor int he gears and turn all mount bolts clockwise. Reconnect the wiring harness to the motor.

    • 5). Replace the door panel by pressing it to the metal and tapping each pop rivet individually into their respective holes. Some rivets may not line up, and can be directed in with a screwdriver. Once the panel is in place, secure the arm rest bolts and door handle screws, and plug the switch assembly back in (and pop it into the door panel opening). Reconnect the battery by turning the positive terminal bolt clockwise.

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