Why Retailers Who Ignore Mobile Marketing Are Committing Financial Suicide

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If you own a retail store, you need to start paying strict attention to mobile marketing.
Why? The Motorola 2009 Retail Holiday Season Shopper Study showed that 51% of consumers ages 18-65 used their mobile phone for shopping.
Specifically, they did comparison shopping, sought out product information, looked for coupons and checked with their friends to get their opinion and feedback about a purchase decision.
The same study showed that 64% of shoppers 18-34 used their phones in the shopping process.
If these statistics aren't a big heads up for mobile marketing, I don't know what is.
And, remember, this study was done during the Christmas shopping season in 2009; the growth of mobile, especially mobile SMS, has been dramatic since then.
Other than the proliferation of mobile devices, what accounts for this use of mobile phones for shopping? The way in which consumers want to be marketed to has changed.
Advertising of the past focused on banging the consumer over the head until they bought.
Here's a few ways the new consumer prefers.
First, they don't want to be "sold.
" Rather, they would prefer to consume an "experience" instead of just a message.
They don't want to be shown (Look! My new detergent got out that nasty stain!), they want to do something, take an action.
Modern advertising should focus on engagement.
By engagement, I mean today's consumer should be invited to "join", "download", "opt-in, "get" and "redeem".
This all adds up to the consumer participating in something that they deem relevant to them and ultimately to the feeling that the advertiser "knows" them.
Put all these together, and the probability of buying increases.
Mobile marketing is a perfect solution for supplying these types of consumer experiences.
It is easily combined with traditional advertising mediums.
For example...
A TV commercial ends with the call to action of an invitation to text "brand" to 12345 for a special offer or a discount (I'm sure you've seen these already).
A radio spot could use the same technique.
The big advantage of mobile marketing in these two contexts is that an advertisement that heretofore difficult to measure results now has a tracking mechanism built right into the SMS marketing message.
The same text message marketing can be used in any type of print advertisement.
Magazines and newspapers are obvious examples.
But think billboards, bus stops, ads on buses themselves and cabs.
In fact, just the other day I saw a sign in front of an apartment complex near where I live advertising space availability.
It wasn't the traditional sign which usually says, "$199 Move In Special"; the sign said text "Apartment Name" to 54321.
This type of SMS advertising can be used in a variety of applications.
These are just a few ways that mobile marketing can more effectively reach and engage the modern consumer.
Trust me, now that I've brought these kind of mobile marketing messages to your attention, you're going to see them everywhere.
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