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Is your SEO company telling you that you need to pay thousands of dollars a month for them to get you to Google Page One? Are they guaranteeing that page rank or are they telling you that there are "a number of different factors" involved that could affect their success in getting you there? These are both elements of the SEO lie.
What exactly are these guys spending all of this money on? Search engine optimization is the simple process of building links and improving the quality of your content.
You could do both yourself and save all that money.
Why In This Day And Age Getting Page One Ranking Guarantees You Nothing Here's more deception on the part of the SEO industry.
Page one rankings don't guarantee you higher profits.
Studies of search patterns reveal that most internet users put in random keywords and spend more time visiting sites where they don't purchase anything than sites where they are actually spending money.
Those same studies also conclude that the majority of conversions for e-commerce sites come from referred traffic, not search traffic.
Referred traffic, like co-registration (when done correctly) and classifieds, is never a factor in the SEO equation.
SEO specialists are looking to get you "organic" traffic and will show you statistics about how many visitors you'll receive by having a high page rank.
What SEO Companies Don't Tell you What they don't tell you is that those visitors won't be spending a dime with you.
When someone wants to buy something on the internet they generally don't do it on their first random search.
That traffic is ninety percent useless to you unless of course you understand which keywords phrases your customers are using when they are in the mode to Buy something now; To figure this out requires time, money and research and of course SEO companies aren't in the business of doing this type of research for you.
Don't let your SEO company sell you down the river.
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