Selling a Mobile Car Wash Account With a Regional Mall

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Do you own a mobile car washing or detailing business and would you love to wash cars at the regional mall? The mall could benefit with more activity and thus less cars stolen and it is an amenity to shoppers to bring them in.
Also consider that the mall could charge you a commission per car or lease space to you and therefore make more money too.
These are all options for the mall and when selling the account you must push the amenity aspect and value to the shopper and how you will draw in more clientele to help promote more shoppers to the mall you see? To set up an account with a Mall, indeed you would need to contact the Property Management Company, Private Parking Company running the parking lots or the Mall its self.
Many Malls own their own real estate and this means they have full control, which is a good thing for you if you are a mobile carwash as you only have to keep one person happy.
Incidentally your best customers end up turning out to be Mall Employees and retail employees.
If you are selling such an account you know you will have a very beneficial captured audience, but you must pitch what the mall gets out of it.
More promotions from you will bring people in and with a line to wash or detail cars people will have to shop longer meaning they will have more time to buy more.
This will help the mall immensely and provide another excuse for people to come to the mall to shop until they drop.
So, consider all this in 2006.
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