Decorating a Breakfast Nook

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When considering how to decorate a breakfast nook you will probably think about changing the placemats, curtains, etc. However, you cannot overlook the breakfast nook set itself as a powerful decorating tool. This article will investigate how a certain breakfast nook table set can direct the entire decorating plan for your nook and kitchen as a whole.

A corner breakfast nook set is usually made up of a corner breakfast table that is rectangular, benches for two sides, and chairs for the third and fourth side. If the nook set is made from red oak then there is already a lovely reddish tint to the wood. The key is to take the reddish inclination and spread it to other areas of the room. The first step would be to choose a theme. An apple theme is a popular one that is easy to find accessories for and goes well with the red furniture.

For a total decor change, it is best to go ahead and invest the time and money to repaint the room. Red is a strong color and red walls along with the red furniture could be too much However, borders can help to break up the full thrust of the red, making it more palatable. The walls could be painted white and then you can apply a red border to the mid section of the wall. Another choice could be to paint the lower half of the wall dark green, apply the apple boarder, and then paint the upper half of the wall an ivory or off white color. Other themes dominated by red are barns and roosters.

After the walls are finished then attention can be turned to the table itself. New dinnerware can be purchased with a matching theme. A checkered tablecloth can add even more flair. Placemats are an additional way to decorate your table. In addition, a centerpiece can give the room a focal point and a place for people to rest their eyes when they enter the room. Expanding to the curtains these could be with either an apple pattern or greens and reds or reds and whites to match the walls and the furniture.

Turning the attention to more accessories, a handmade wooden paper towel roll with an apple can be set on the counter top. Red scented candles can be set in the windowsills or alternatively as a corner breakfast table [] centerpiece.
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