Benefit-rich Sales Letter Is Your Crown Jewel-sales Letter

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It means that every single piece of your Web copy can be removed, pulled out and replaced, and a new piece of Web copy can be inserted. For example, you can insert a new headline, subhead line, paragraph the list goes on. This 'modular' concept is one of the big differences between print copywriting and online copywriting. Why take this 'Modular' approach? It gives you the flexibility you need to meet your site visitor head-on (not to mention, the search engine spiders). Because your site visitor can come at you from anyplace, entering from any page, anywhere. Which means youve got to be prepared to tell your story in as complete a fashion as possible, regardless of where a potential customer enters? This can be a challenge. Fortunately you can use 'links' to your advantage. You can always drive your reader from anywhere in your site to the powerful Internet copywriting that sells which is your main 'read', the benefit-rich sales letter. Because the benefit-rich sales letter ALWAYS closes the sale or go to It builds upon what you have promised to deliver on your home page or anywhere else on your site, answers any objections or questions your readers may have, and fully justifies the price you ask. On this page longer copy will most often outsell shorter copy, so make a complete sales pitch from start to finish.
The 10 Key Formatting Tips For Powerful Internet Copywriting That Sells Here are 10 key formatting tips that will keep your prospects reading so you can close the sale. .Break up the copy of your sales letter into short copy paragraphs. Use a single-sentence paragraph to make a powerful, striking point. Use Bullets, numbers, and dashes (-) to further break up copy, allowing plenty of white space to make reading your offer even easier on the eye. Use Arrows (-->), boxes, color or shading, graphics, indentations, bold lettering, CAPITAL LETTERS, italics, and punctuation!! Note: use a light touch here, rather than the 'HIT them over and over 'til they beg for mercy!' approach. Give customers Premiums you can visit Over-deliver on the offer that first interested your prospective customer any way you can. The goal here is to give your customers MUCH more perceived value than they are actually pulling out their credit card for. Premiums can add tremendous value to your offer without substantially increasing your cost of delivery. Emphasize the word FREE wherever it applies. Use fast-loading Graphics that actively support your message. Avoid generic clip-art 'success' graphics if you can. Provide Testimonials. If you don't have them, give your product or service away and gather some immediately. It's a suspicious world, and you need other people to validate your offer. Urge 'Immediate Action'. State a specific time limit for your offer (note: many marketers offer their premiums only if prospective customers buy within a window of 3-14 days). Make an iron-clad Guarantee. Do what you can to over-deliver in this area, too - a guarantee that is better than your competitors offer is a powerful selling point.
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