The Network Marketing Party is Over

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As I was getting ready to write this very article, procrastination set in so I once again did the circuit of checking my email accounts for the 88th time today.
One email had in its subject line the entire title from one of my articles.
(Note to spammers, you want to get my attention simply put one of my titles in the subject line.
What can I say?) I opened the email and read it.
I re-read it and felt even more emotional the second time.
The person that wrote that email joined his/her network marketing company about five months ago.
Although he/she has been buying their company's product, this person has yet to make any money at it.
And, in spite of a great deal of effort has yet to sponsor one representative.
Do I know the complete back story? No.
Can I say that his/her sponsor or upline were not supportive? No.
Can I say that he/she gave 100% to get the business going? No.
Based on the sincere tone of the email and the sadness of the person for having to give up their networking business, I have to believe that this person had high hopes for success when starting the business five months ago.
Does anyone start their business expecting it to fail? Perhaps his/her product was too expensive in the current price sensitive marketplace.
Perhaps the reason for not sponsoring someone was the fact that he/she is in the highly competitive health and wellness field along with 2,000 other network marketing companies.
Both of these factors were beyond this person's control.
And, I get the impression - based on what I read - that this person is taking personal responsibility for his/her present situation.
I respect this character attribute of not blaming anyone or any event for his/her present situation ESPECIALLY in our present "pass the buck" business climate.
This person reached the conclusion that since he/she was happy with the company's products that perhaps it would have been better to be a customer using the products rather than a representative trying to sell the products and recruit others to do the same.
Notice he/she did not spew nastiness against his/her sponsor or the company.
Instead, taking the high road in spite of a lost financial and time investment, he/she was able to objectivity look at the situation and arrive at an extremely rational conclusion.
As a network marketing coach and mentor, I feel we all lose when someone leaves our industry.
Especially someone who is willing to stand up and take personal responsibility for his/her ending a network marketing business.
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