Study Questions & Further Reading

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Further Reading

In Print
Collins, Roger. Charlemagne. University of Toronto Press, 1998. (compare prices)

Einhard. Life of Charlemagne. University of Michigan Press, 1960. (compare prices)

Riche, Pierre. The Carolingians: A Family Who Forged Europe. University of Pennsylvania Press, 1993. (compare prices)

-----, Daily Life in the World of Charlemagne.

University of Pennsylvania Press, 1988. (compare prices)

On the Web
Catholic Encyclopedia: Charlemagne
Fairly extensive article focusing largely on Charlemagne's relationship with the Church, by Thomas J. Shahan and E. MacPherson.

Charlemagne the King
A biography from Will Durant's Story of Civilization, 1950, at the Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library.

Einhard: Life of Charlemagne
Chronicle by the emperor's friend and courtier, translated by Samuel Epes Turner and placed online by Paul Halsall at his Medieval Sourcebook.

The Historical Charlemagne
Straightforward overview of Charlemagne's life from Compton's Learning Company, online at El Camino de Santiago.

The Middle Ages: The Carolingian Era
23-page overview by Dr. Knox at his History of Western Civilization course includes information on France during the Carolingian age and the predecessors and successors of Charlemagne as well as the king himself.

What Made Charles So Great?
From your Guide, a two-part overview of the man and his achievements.

Study Questions

  1. Does France or Germany have a more legitimate claim to Charlemagne than any other nation? Why or why not?

  2. In what ways was Charlemagne an emperor? In what ways did he remain a king?

  3. Charlemagne's conquests added lands to his empire. In what other way were his military successes important to his leadership?

  4. Why were the Saxon wars so particularly bloody?

  5. Why didn't the Carolingian Empire last longer than it did?

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