Improve Credibility With Testimonials On Your Website

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First of all, remember that your website is not your mouthpiece.
There is nothing louder than blowing your own trumpet and nothing more deafening.
When it comes to making an impression, actions speak louder than words.
So instead of saying how good you are, let others do it.
Otherwise, despite whatever you say and however nicely you say it, it's going to fall on deaf ears.
When it is an endorsement or a testimonial from a client, a customer, a colleague or even from the competition, it gets attention.
Spread the word.
When someone else puts in a good word about your product or service, you are not only demonstrating that people like you, you are also showing a willingness to listen.
The internet is a great conversation facilitator and unless you encourage people to talk about you, they won't.
Allowing people to comment on your website is one thing.
Responding to them is another.
If you don't reply to queries or even comments, then you are not sending out the right impression.
So do yourself a favour and encourage conversations on your website.
Search engine's will hear the noise and start taking notice.
Endorsements influence search results.
Good websites become part of a network.
They don't sit on the fence but take sides and express opinions about the latest trends and topics.
They take an active part in forming networks.
Search engines favour friendly websites.
If your website is linked to other websites through comments and feedback then you have a network of potential friends that search engines recognize as an indication of your popularity.
React positively.
If there is something worse than bad publicity it is no publicity.
This applies to testimonials and endorsements.
Not everyone will have a good opinion about your website but if you hear a negative comment or a criticism, don't just ignore it but react in a positive manner.
Be thankful that you got a response.
Then address the concerns raised.
Even a negative comment from a user could be a potential opportunity to convert a customer.
It is an established fact that a majority of customers search the web for user comments before they make a purchase.
This is not limited to online shopping but also when it comes to traditional shopping.
The more positive comments you can garner, the healthier your online reputation will be and your sales volumes.
So go ahead and request everyone you know to make a credible statement about you on your website.
It's as simple as that.
Ask and you shall receive.
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