Science Fair Project Idea for High School

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      Science projects offer high school students a way to display creativity and the science skills they learned throughout the school year. These projects offer a hands-on approach to strengthening scientific knowledge and implementing the scientific method. The scientific method used in all science projects requires the students to record the purpose of the project, hypothesize as to what the result of the project will be, perform the experiment, record the results and form a conclusion.

    Agriculture Project

    • The chemistry category for science projects includes agricultural projects. Determine how fertilizers influence plant growth. Different fertilizers contain varying amounts of plant nutrients. Grow the same type of plant in containers filled with fertilizers that have different levels of phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen. Record how each plant responds to the fertilizers. Graph the sets of leaves that developed, the height and fullness of the plant, any flowers or buds and how fast each plant grew.

    Behavioral Science Project

    • Determine the effect of caffeine on the testing of high school students. Ask for at least 50 high school volunteers to participate in this experiment. Half the volunteers will drink a full glass of soda with caffeine and the other half will have none. Have all the students take the same test for the same amount of time. Compare the results of all the tests to determine if the caffeine was detrimental or beneficial to the completion of the test. Chart the results based on how quickly the students finished the test and the scores they achieved on the test.

    Zoology Project

    • The objective of this science project is to determine if gender plays a role in the intelligence of male and female dogs. Develop an intelligence test that involves problem-solving with easy, medium and hard activities. Sample activities include finding hidden objects under a couch, opening a container to get what is inside, maneuvering obstacles and figuring out how to back out of a narrow space. For the best results, test at least 10 female and 10 male dogs in the various activities. Chart how each dog performed on the testing skills and how long it took to complete each skill. Draw a conclusion on whether gender plays a role in intelligence in dogs.

    Earth Science Project

    • The goal of this science project is to investigate why earthquakes occur and how they affect the Earth’s structure. Create a map of seismic activity from around the world and research the damage caused by past earthquakes in the mapped areas. What effects did the earthquakes have in these areas, and why did the earthquakes occur in these locations?

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