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Promoting your MLM business online can have a huge impact on the growth of your organization.
However, this can only be achieved if your online MLM system contains all the necessary components.
Any good online marketing system must have a way to drive traffic to your website, obtain information from visitors, inform your visitors of your opportunity, and keep in touch with them on an ongoing basis.
In this article I will show you what these components are and how they can be used to effectively grow your organization.
An online MLM system starts with a website.
But even the best website is useless without visitors.
This is why it is necessary to have an advertising campaign that will send targeted traffic to your website.
This is typically done with pay-per-click advertising through one of the major ad networks (though there are other methods).
Once you get people coming to your website the first thing you want to do is collect their information.
One of the most common ways of collecting information from a visitor is with a squeeze page.
This is a page that provides a bit of information as text or video and promises more information if the visitor leaves their name, email address, and optionally a phone number.
Once they provide their personal details you then take them to the information you promised on your squeeze page.
The information you offer can be about your business opportunity, about what you personally have to offer them, or even just general information about how they can build their business.
Providing this kind of information helps to build trust and forms the basis of your online relationship with the prospect.
However, your relationship doesn't end there - as with traditional MLM your need to follow up with your prospect.
Staying in touch with your prospect is one of the most important aspects of an online MLM system.
This is generally done with an auto responder.
An auto responder will send a predefined set of emails that you have created which are sent at predetermined intervals.
These emails serve to further build your relationship with the prospect as well as move them towards your desired outcome such as joining your organization or simply calling you for an appointment.
As you can see there are several necessary components to creating an effective online MLM system.
While there is more to know about how to build each component you should have a general idea of the necessary elements for building your business online.
When done correctly it is possible to find tens to hundreds of qualified prospects a day that you can recruit directly into your down-line.
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