How to Score Foam Compound Pads

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    • 1). Inspect the foam compound pad and the surface on which you will be using it. Determine what size you want to cut the pad to.

    • 2). Measure and mark the cut location on the pad with a ruler. Draw a small line at each end of the pad with a black marker and line up a ruler between the two marks. Draw a straight line across the entire foam compound pad with the black marker.

    • 3). Set the foam compound pad on a flat and steady surface. Line up the blade of a utility knife at either end of the pad. Hold the knife in your dominant hand and grip the edge of the foam pad with your nondominant hand. This will help hold the pad in place.

    • 4). Run the blade of the utility knife over the compound pad. Push down firmly and press the knife as far into the pad as possible. Repeat the process three to four times until the pad breaks into two pieces.

    • 5). Measure the size of the cut pad with a ruler and verify that it is the proper size.

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