Tyvek Commercial Wrap Installation Instructions

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    • 1). Unwrap a roll of Tyvek and begin by applying one end of it at the bottom corner of an exterior wall, the bottom edge of the wrap should be flush with the bottom edge of the wall. Secure the wrap to the wall with staples. Roll out the Tyvek horizontally along the wall, stapling the edges as you go. Continue unrolling and stapling all around the house until the roll is finished. Roll the sheets right over door and window openings. Make sure the end of the sheet extends at least 12 inches past the edge of any wall.

    • 2). Start the second layer just above the first in the same manner described in Step 1. Overlap the new sheet 6 to 12 inches on top of the first to maintain a water-tight seal. Seal the entire bottom edge of each layer with sealant or Tyvek tape to avoid water leaks and prevent insect migration, but primarily to maintain the airtight seal which Tyvek provides.

    • 3). Continue installing layers of Tyvek horizontally as described in Steps 1 and 2, working from bottom-to-top on the house exterior. Apply sealant or tape to vertical ends of the wrap.

    • 4). Cut the Tyvek wrap away from doors, windows and other elements that must remain uncovered. Staple the wrap along the edges surrounding the openings, and also cover them with the tape.

    • 5). Inspect the installation, making sure all appropriate areas are covered and all edges are sealed. If necessary, repair cuts or rips in the wrap with tape.

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