8 Tips To Improve Laptop Battery Running Time

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Sometimes we found that the DELL Latitude E6510 Battery running time can not get the maximum as the Laptop manufacture claimed. In Dell website the Dell 9 Cell extend Dell Inspiron 1520 battery can last 7 hours (so long time). But in our daily use the battery only can run 5-6 hours. Where did the rest 1 hours go? In fact the 7 hours is the standard time that the battery run in the strict situation.
Below the battery4.us list the strict situation for you to get back the lost 1 hours. To increase the DELL Latitude E6500 Battery discharge time (maximum running time), try the following tips:
1. Set the Control Panel Power profile to Max Battery and use timeouts to hibernate the system when not being used for more than ten minutes or so.
2. Set the PA3682U-1BRS Battery settings so that the screen and hard disk are disabled after five minutes of inactivity.

3. Reduce the screen brightness as much as you can.
4. Switch off the wireless card whenever you are not using it that can save VGP-BPL8 Battery power.
5. Disconnect any peripherals eg if you use a USB flash memory stick, copy any files you need and then unplug it. This can give an extra 20 minutes or so of use.
6. Do not connect PCMCIA cards (PC cards) unless you need to use them. Remove them when not needed.
7. Change the Control Panel Alarm settings to their absolute minimum (eg 4%). This can gain an extra ten minutes of use (but the notebook may cut out suddenly if you have a degraded Acer aspire 1410 battery ).

8. Do not access a CD more than required. If possible copy or install any software you might need from the CD onto the hard disk and then remove the CD.
Though the 8 tips above may reduce our laptop using experience , but to save the cost of buying another battery. Wed better follow the tips when using laptop with the HP Pavilion dv6300 battery .
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