B2B Internet Marketing Strategies That Work

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The internet is used by seemingly everyone for research purposes nowadays.
Which means that it can work very nicely if you're targeting other businesses - so long as you know what you're doing.
As with everything else on the internet, it pays to get the basics done well before anything else.
LinkedIn profile This is maybe the most important B2B internet marketing strategy.
LinkedIn has positioned itself as the "must have" provider in the business world, eclipsing rivals such as Ecademy.
Make sure that your profile is as complete as possible - it's very likely to show up high in a Google search for your name and a lot of potential clients use it for research before even contacting you.
Also make sure that you build up your connections.
If necessary, go through all your old contacts and drop them a personalised message asking if they'd like to connect with you.
Twitter Start following a few people in your industry.
Some of them will follow you back, which is a good way to start building up your followers - and a lot more sensible than buying (essentially fake) followers on somewhere like Fiverr.
Then Tweet on a reasonably regular basis.
Again, steer clear of automated solutions - they stick out like a sore thumb and won't help your reputation.
Retweeting useful Tweets also helps draw attention to you in a positive way.
And mixing in personal Tweets - without getting too personal - helps add to the overall view that potential B2B clients get of you.
Keep your site updated Add useful posts to your website on a regular basis.
They can be tips and tricks for getting the best from the goods and services your business provides.
Ideally in a way that's closer to a journalist writing about it than a marketer.
You can also provide commentary on news and information relevant to your industry.
It's easy to subscribe to Google Alerts to provide you with the seed ideas for this.
Create videos Yes.
Businesses watch videos - they're not just for consumers.
If your product or service lends itself to being demonstrated, that's the best way to go for a video.
If that's not the case, you can do an instructional video instead - either a PowerPoint presentation with you talking over it or a "talking head" presentation where you just talk to your webcam.
Any of those methods work and you can also embed the resultant video on your website, post it on your Facebook page, etc.
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