Shoppers Being Put Off By Delivery Costs

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With the state of the economy not showing signs of immediate recovery, shoppers are looking at getting better value for money, compared to online stores, by going to pound shops and other discount stores, purely because of delivery charges.

In a survey released by Verdict, it is predicted that online retail will grow by 13.3% this year to 20.9bn, but has some other stats to report that make for interesting reading, especially for those looking to promote their websites via Search Engine Marketing to help increase trade online. The report suggests that working class who are looking for DIY, homeware, and clothing, are abandoning the web and opting for traditional bricks and mortar stores to find bargains.

With unemployment high, petrol prices going up, and the future looking uncertain, many people are trying to make their money last as long as possible and are favouring stores like, pound shops and discount stores. Many household name discount stores have elected not to trade online, where as others have decided to take the plunge debuting limited ranges.

It seems to effect certain types of buyer as those who are looking for electrical goods tend to get a better deal online, and this rebalances the findings. In any case, it is apparent that online retailers are going to have to offer something in the region of free delivery to keep hold of online trade, else they could suffer a fate worse than death.

But the overriding factor amongst these reports seems to be that people are looking for free delivery, and is a major factor when converting sales online. To the pont where, as we have seen, shoppers are more than happy to shop offline if they know they are getting a better deal elsewhere.

For Internet Marketing firms looking to boost trade online, they should not be surprised to see a dip in takings should the findings of this report prove accurate.
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