The History of Shaklee Corporation - The Shaklee Income Opportunity

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Shaklee Corporation has come a long way since 1915.
Well, it wasn't even a corporation then...
just a young doctor who wanted to help people the same way nature helped him.
But the history of Shaklee Corporation starts even before then.
In the early 1900's, when Dr.
Forrest C.
Shaklee was just a young boy, the family doctor told his family he probably would not live to manhood due to his sickly nature.
But thankfully because of his mother's nutritional home remedies (feeding the inside of the body), and his father's encouragement for sportsmanship (energizing the outside), young Forrest grew up into a healthy, strong and vibrant man with a desire to live life to the fullest.
From early childhood, young Forrest spent hours contemplating nature and the universe, taking into account all aspects of life and studied how vitality is necessary for energy which is found in the life force of nature and its food.
This led the young doctor into starting his own holistic health clinic where he continued to study all aspects of life.
Shaklee always attributed everything to nature which he referred to as his "physician" and stated that "I have always listened to nature and she has never let me down.
" And in Dr.
Shaklee's professional career, he tended to listen to only nature.
When he was experiencing abdominal pain and was told by medical doctors he needed his appendix out, the young doctor showed incredible insight to refuse surgery from the experts at that time and instead saw a chiropractor-an almost unheard of practice at the time.
What it turned out to be was a dislocated lower vertebrate that was pressing against a nerve in his abdomen.
When adjusted the pain went away and he became a chiropractor himself! With over exposure to radiation from X-ray procedures, Dr.
Shaklee developed a tumor and was again given and ultimatum by the medical doctors that he would have to amputate his arm, or he would not live to be 30.
But what he discovered as a sickly child, and in his studies after developing his first food supplement "Vitalized Minerals" (before the word vitamin was even in the dictionary) he knew that nutrients from rich, fresh food were not only good for long-term vibrant health so that the body can function at its fullest capacity, but also for healing and recovering the body.
So he healed himself by going on a rigorous program of light exercise, spending time in the sun and in nature, following a strict diet and taking the supplements he was making, to help his body take the natural processes of fighting disease when it is sick.
It took 3 years but he did recover, and thankfully no amputation was necessary.
It seemed that Dr.
Shaklee wouldn't let anything stop him, not even when his clinic burned down around the Great Depression.
But what he had learned, he retained in his brilliant mind.
He then moved his family and practice to Oakland CA and opened a clinic after the Depression and experienced unusual success for the times.
He was in the company of some of the great thinkers including Thomas Edison and Henry Ford who taught him the importance of keeping your profession fun, no matter what it is.
After WWII, Dr.
Shaklee wanted to share his supplements on a larger scale and founded Shaklee Products Company.
He was then searching the entire country for the freshest food possible and used himself as his own Guinea pig to test his products.
When the Fabulous 50's hit, and the world was basking in its modernity with fast food, TV dinners, more automobiles and less exercise, the introduction of new chemicals in cleaners, personal care, food, medications and store-bought vitamins, Dr.
Shaklee was focusing on the natural world, while nature wasn't relevant to modern living.
After the death of his first wife, Dr.
Shaklee worked his clinic two more years before he retired.
He then was faced with the dilemma of what to do about Shaklee Products.
The good doctor wanted to be able to continue to educate people about the life forces of nature and good health and was afraid that they would become just another product and lost in the impersonal world of retail stores.
So he devised a plan, where his friends and family members who did understand his products and philosophy could "share" Shaklee Products with others, teaching them the values and difference of the products, make it their own and profit from it.
Thus was born Shaklee Corporation in 1956...
but it was only just beginning.
He was a nutritional doctor, a chiropractor, a philosopher, a preacher, a visionary, family man and entrepreneur, experiencing success after success due to his "Thoughtsmanship" mentality which teaches "what you think, you look, what you think, you do, what you think, you are" and by his constant pursuit of "Living in Harmony with Nature.
" Dr.
Shaklee believed and followed the golden rule which is to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
" He has helped thousands of people all over the world become healthier, happier and more financially secure through his products and Shaklee income opportunity and has continued to do so, even after his death in 1985 at the ripe age of 91.
Here are several facts about Shaklee Corporation in general: Shaklee is in the center of the 5 largest growing industries today: Health and Wellness, Anti-Aging, Home-Based Businesses, Nutritional Beauty, and the Green Revolution.
1915: Dr.
Shaklee develops his first product "Vitalized Minerals.
" 1956: Dr.
Shaklee establishes Shaklee Corporation.
Today Shaklee has become the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.
, has 5 income streams, has sold over 500 million products, paid over $4 billion in bonuses, as is expected to become a Trillion Dollar company in the next couple of years.
1960: Dr.
Shaklee creates one of the first biodegradable cleaners-before anyone knew what that meant or cared and when "green" was still just a color.
1961: Dr.
Shaklee creates one of the first soy protein isolate formulas.
Since 1983 Shaklee has taken part in countless environmental projects with such people as Will Steger, Jacques Cousteau, and endurance programs with Sir Edmond Hillary, the Daedalus Project and Olympic athletes.
1992: Shaklee Cares, a non-profit organization is established to provide relief from natural disasters.
2000: Shaklee becomes the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral certification and totally offset its carbon emissions, resulting in a net-zero impact on the environment.
2004: Roger Barnett becomes Chairman and CEO.
Barnett spent $20 Million in researching which company had the highest standards and the most potential and he found Shaklee.
He is truly committed to the company's future and also committed to the standards Dr.
Shaklee had for his mission and products.
2007: Shaklee completes the largest study of long-term supplement users in collaboration with researchers from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health and determines that people who took Shaklee supplements had markedly better health than people who took either a different brand or no supplements at all.
Shaklee users retained normal levels of Blood Pressure, HDL Cholesterol, Tryglycerides, C-reactive Protein and Homocysteine.
2008: Shaklee discovers a revolutionary breakthrough in cellular Anti-Aging.
Shaklee has received several awards over the years, including the Climate Protection Award from EPA, Global Green USA's Organizational Design Award, the Stevie for Best Corporate Environmental Responsibility Program by the American Business Awards, Clean Air Award from Breath California, Business Environmental Award for sustainability from Acterra: Action for a Healthy Planet, and the Green Power Leadership Award from the EPA.
While Shaklee stays true to the highly personal marketing that the good doctor trained people to be, the company stays up to date on the latest of technology for their marketing tools.
The company has a 50+ year track record, is worth well over $5 billion and is only in 6 countries.
That gives Shaklee a serious advantage and so much potential for the future ahead.
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