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National ID CARD

NIDW Organizational Structure
The National Identity Registration Wing (NIDW) is the newest wing of Election Commission Secretariat (ECS) headed by a Director General with 71 officers and staff of various categories. The wing is organized with three branches, seven sections and 9 units. Respective functions are described subsequently.

Experience of the "Preparation of Electoral Roll with Photographs and Facilitating the Issuance of National Identity Card" (PERP & FINIDC) project is the foundation for the development of functions for different branches of NIDW. These have been designed to meet the seen and unseen challenges of NID management and its development. Periodic review and update of these functions are essential to facilitate tightening of the loose ends to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of NIDW.
NIDW Objectives

1. Issuing a secure National identity card to citizens.
2. Administering all related activities, including the maintenance of a national citizen Registration database and delivery of identity verification services to qualified public and private organizations.
3. Establish ICT infrastructure at the Central, District, Upazila and field data collection team levels to facilitate the data collection, verification and ongoing data management processes.
4. Create public awareness of the requirements for voter registration including attendance at the registration centers.
5. Issuance and management of National ID card.
6. Facilitate the advancement of e-governance in Bangladesh through development of skills and sharing/distribution of ICT equipment following the completion of data collection for electoral roll.

Voter Registration & Obtaining National Identity Card:
Every citizen who is eligible to be a voter under the Electoral Roll Act, 2009 shall have the right to obtain, in the prescribed manner and subject to payment of prescribed fees, a National Identity Card of the prescribed class. Each citizen shall be issued with only one National Identity Card by Bangladesh Election Commission. Every citizen shall get his or her identity registered to obtain the National Identity Card.
A person should have the following qualifications to be registered as a voter according to Article 122 of the Constitution of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and Section 7 of Electoral Rolls Act 2009:
€ Is a citizen of Bangladesh?
€ Is not less than eighteen years of age;
€ Does not stand declared by a competent court to be a unsound mind; and
€ Is or is deemed to a resident of an electoral area.
so it is not only voter Id card it carry also National Id card it means National Identity. so always it keep save, and submit proper way and save place, it is most important document so if unfortunately lost than every one should inform nearest police station and than apply in thana election office for second duplicate copy of national ID card

National ID card cheek tips

To known means of Hide and hidden of your National ID card number.
Most of Bangladesh had National Id card, most of them call it Voter ID card but it is wrong. It is a National ID card or National identity. Under bellow of Nation ID card,
You shown it has been 13 number of read color number, which is called ID number.
But what means of 13 holder number?

1. first 2 number - District cod,Had different code of 64 District, like Narail code 65
2. Nest one number - it is RMO code
€ For City corporation-9
€ Cantonment -5€ municipally area- §
€ Remote area-1
€ out of municipally area-3
€ Others - 4

3. Next 2 digit - it is thana code

4. Next 2 digit - it is for union or word code for City Corporation or municipally area
5. last 6 digit - the form number when submit your id card
Now again given 17 digit holders ID 4 digit is year of birth in new ID card
so I think every body should know what is his ID card number's mean. if we known means of National Id card number before than we should mention about any body, where he came form, such as my Id number is 6527603124305, fast 65 is my District code: Narail, second number 2 is where is my lives in: municipal (pawroshova),third number is 76 is my sub-district /upozila code,fourth number is 03 is my word number where is in lives, and last 6 character is my form number: what I was fill-up my BIO data under voter form. Recently given 17th digit holder National ID card than fast four numbers is year of Birth.
More information click,
Lost ID card Replacement:
Apply to concerned Upazilla Election Office for lost ID Card. Original copy of GD which mentioned NID/Voter number to be attached with the application. In this case if you also lost that number you may contact your upazilla/ thana or district election office for collecting NID/voter number.
Migration/Transfer of Voter Area
A voter may transfer his/her voter area. To attain such service a voter would require apply to Upzila/Thana Election office where the transfer is intended. Voter would require filling up (Form-13 / Form-14) and may attach a dweller certificate (that given by UP Chairman/Member/Municipality counselor/ Government Class-1 Officer. He will certify that he frequently live in that mentioned place)for transfer of voter area.
Registration Process
Voter Registration
Eligible voter may register at the concerned Upazila/Thana Election office as per the schedule declared by BEC. For registration, a voter would require to fill up Form Number - 2 (Form - 2).for more click
Use of National Identity Card in Receiving Certain Services the Government may, by notification in the official Gazette and optionally in addition to that by notification in electronic Gazette, introduce a system to produce National Identity Card of any citizen and to submit a copy thereof in receiving any services or civil facilities mentioned in such notification. Provided that such notification shall not be published or system shall not be introduced until the activities of issuance of National Identity Card to the citizens are completed generally throughout Bangladesh. No Citizen shall be made bound to show his or her National Identity Card, or to submit a copy thereof until the notification under sub-section (1) is published, and he or she shall not be deprived of receiving any service or civil facilities due to not having the National Identity Card.
Feature of National ID card: in feature National ID will be a most important issue in all sector of Bangladesh. Already to do submit in Bank, insurance, telecommunication registration, governmental service. it will be mandatory in all field of service from government or private sector.
Comment- I think it will help you to Know about Nation ID card of Bangladesh. More information click,
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