Attracting Abundance Through Effective Goal Setting

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When most of us think of "goal setting" we imagine the old-style technique of deciding on an outcome and struggling mightily until we reach it.
Fortunately, working with the Law of Attraction can make goal achievement much easier and enjoyable! Below are two simple steps to start this process in your own life: Working Hard, Working Smart Some of the world's most successful people know that there is true power contained in working hard for what you want.
Hard work can certainly pay off in many ways, but often it is even more important to learn how to work SMART.
The activities to which we apply most of our effort are what will eventually determine our success or failure.
It is possible to "work hard" by taking ineffective actions over and over again - but if the activities themselves cannot provide a distinct payoff, we will keep spinning our wheels and get nowhere.
Instead, if we take the time to identify the action steps that will result in clear forward progress, our hard work will pay off in spades.
Make Improvement Your Goal We usually set goals with the objective of achieving a specific outcome, but there is also another powerful motivator: improving the quality and magnitude of our work.
Seeing our goals in this light can not only be empowering but also fantastically liberating.
Rather than setting a goal and hoping and praying that we'll get the results we want, we can simply focus on strengthening our skills and talents with every step we take.
As we do this, we ease the pressure we feel to succeed at all costs and instead allow success to flow naturally as we grow and develop our skills.
Attempting the impossible is one sure way to stretch beyond our comfort zones and see our true capabilities - and every time we do this we discover that we are capable of much more than we suspected.
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