5 Ways To Find A Good Affiliate Program

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I am sure you have heard this many times. Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get started online especially if you are a newbie and do not have a money to spend. This is simply because you do not need your own product and even your own website. You can get started immediately using the free tools in the internet. However, one crucial part of being an affiliate marketer is finding the most profitable affiliate program. From once a newbie to now a full pledge internet marketer, I will outline some guidelines on how you can determine the most profitable affiliate program that will guarantee success in your affiliate campaigns.

Firstly, go to any affiliate directories and review the affiliate programs and write down the sites that you would personally purchase from because of its well-written and convincing sales letter, site design or presentation of product. Some famous affiliate directories are clickbank.com, paydotcom.com, cj.com, linkshare.com, tradedoubler.com, rapbank.com, websponsors.com, leadhound.com, etc. (Tip: if you want instant cash paid directly to your paypal account, then you can use rapbank.com).

Secondly, If you opt to review affiliate programs in clickbank, then look at valuable information at [http://www.cbtrends.com;] Note down the earnings per sale; I recommend that you choose a site with higher earnings per sale (at least not less than $20, with 50-75% commission rate); The gravity ( this indicates the percentage of affiliates promoting the site) should be trending upwards or fairly steady to indicate that the site is still being actively promoted by affiliates.

Thirdly, ensure that the affiliate site has a stable traffic or growing traffic; a good rule of thumb is to check the site traffic in alexa.com. A good site should at least have a traffic reach of less than 50,000; Sites with stable traffic or increasing traffic are indication of a successful site.

Fourthly, check google and search for "product name "review or "product name "scam; Check if the feedback for the product is positive. Find out if there are complaints regarding the product; The best way to get an honest review of the product is by joining some forums related to your niche (just search google: "niche" forums, i.e. "weight loss forums". Most likely you will come across people who have already tried the product and would just be willing to share their experience with it. For internet marketing niche, you can join http://www.warriorforum.com for free and go to the "product reviews" section. Chances are someone has already given a feedback to the product; otherwise you can start your own thread with the product name as the subject.

Lastly, avoid affiliate sites with no affiliate tracking. There are programs which only pay for the sale resulting from an initial visit of the customer ( note: most customers do not buy on their first visit); Make sure you are to get paid for any customers you sent to the site regardless if they buy on their second or third visit; a good site would have a tracking script to ensure that you get credit for this.

For any business that you would like to pursue, you should always practice due diligence. The reputation of the product owner is also important in ensuring that your affiliate campaign will click. So make your thorough research to avoid any headaches in the future.
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